Bridge Report #2

The launch of the EOS mainnet in June 2018 set in motion a grand experiment aimed at testing whether a borderless, decentralized community could collectively devise a set of principles for governance and organization. In order for EOS to succeed as the world’s first governed blockchain, the cultural walls separating international EOS communities from one another needed to crumble. We are proud to contribute to global EOS collaboration by publishing monthly Bridge Reports that are translated into Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Russian and Japanese.

Smart contract upgrades and UI improvements come to Chintai
Users on the token leasing platform created by EOS42 have been experiencing delays in undelegating their EOS tokens. They are working together with on modifying the underlying smart contract in order to make these transactions smooth and seamless. Furthermore, Chintai is working on a UI implementation for REX.
EOS42 announcement releases Elemental Battles, a fantasy coding game to onboard EOSIO developers
Developers proficient in Javascript and C++ now have access to a free, eight-lesson online tutorial for EOSIO development. The tutorial takes the format of a game set in a fantasy world in which players harness the power of three ancient elements — Wood, Water and Fire — as they engage with the basic building blocks of the EOSIO codebase and learn how to create apps on the platform.

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Elemental Battles

Worbli ‘the financial district of EOS’ goes live
Worbli, an EOS sister chain, launches its mainnet with a full list of active and standby BPs. Aside from KYC requirements, Worbli differs from the EOS mainnet in that BPs are selected by Worbli as opposed to voted on by token holders. In addition, RAM markets on Worbli will be stable, making it easier to accurately calculate running costs. Worbli aims to serve as a platform for enterprise-grade, financial services applications.
What is unique about Worbli?
An explanation of sidechains and sisterchains on EOS

EOS Referendum contract enters beta testing
The long-awaited EOS referendum contract enters beta testing. system is made up of a forum smart contract for submitting proposals and casting votes, a tally system for counting the EOS staked towards each ballot option, a voting portal UI with support documentation to facilitate easy voting, and support for integration with wallets and alternative UIs so token holders can participate in the interface they’re most comfortable with. It’s all open source and available on GitHub.

EOS in the West

EOS Rio teams up with Ultra to bring EOS to the gaming market
Ultra, the company building a first-class PC game publishing platform and marketplace, has announced a partnership with Brazilian-based block producer EOS Rio to develop a blockchain that focuses on expanding EOS to the gaming market by creating a fair ecosystem for games distribution.

LiquidEOS, in conjunction with Bancor, releases world’s-first cross chain liquidity protocol — BancorX
This week, Bancor, in conjunction with LiquidEOS, launched BancorX, a decentralized liquidity network for frictionless token conversion on EOS. Amongst the 15 EOS tokens that were listed at launch are popular projects such as Everipedia, and HorusPay. BancorX will also enable cross-chain token transfer between the Ethereum and EOS blockchains. This is the world’s first crossblockchain, value transfer protocol.
List of 15 tokens launching on BancorX
BancorX cross-chain launch announcement

BancorX is the first crosschain dApp

EOSGo releases EOS educational portal, a portal for EOS newbies to learn about all things EOS, is launched by EOSGo exactly a year after the domain was purchased. The focus of the site is education, certification, and collaboration. Users can connect to one another and join together to build DAPPS and other EOS-centric endeavors.
Medium Announcement

Eva poised to run ride-sharing beta in Montreal
The scalability benefits of building on EOS make it the perfect home for launching decentralized applications and eliminating rent-seeking middlemen. Eva looks to compete with Uber in Montreal, bringing decentralized ride sharing capabilities to life.
Canadian TV piece on Eva

Nasdaq-listed Synacor develops ZimbraX, an email dApp on EOS
Zimbra X, an open source dApp based on EOSIO’s software, uses EOS smart contracts and tokens to provide greater security to users Users can already access the beta version, launched at Blockchain Live in London, with their EOS accounts. In addition to email, ZimbraX will offer various other business functions such as video conferencing, document creation and instant messaging, positioning it as a true blockchain enterprise solution
ZimbraX Website

EOS in the East

EOS LaoMao release a statement about the recent EOSCast hack
On the 31st of October, dApp game EOSCast suffered “fake #EOS transfer variant” attack and lost over 70K EOS. ECAF issued an order to blacklist the offending accounts, an order which EOSLaoMao carried out. However, according to the Japanese BP, this hack was not protected by the constitution, and in the future, they will not be taking corrective measures in such cases.
EOSLaoMao Announcement

BankOfStaked, a self-service CPU&NET vending machine, announced by EOS LaoMao
Bank of Staked is a self-serve CPU&NET resource vending machine. It provides 1 free CPU emergency plan and 3 paid plans. Users can get delegated CPU&NET by transferring EOS into BankOfStaked smart contract.

Japanese BP hold governance meetup
On October 26th, JEDA, EOS Laomao and EOS Pacific held an EOS Governance meetup in Tokyo. Discussion topics included arbitration, law, authority, and governance. The meetup attracted Japanese EOS community leaders, Dapp developers, and blockchain media.

Tokyo EOS Weekend
Tokyo EOS Weekend took place over the first weekend in November, at the HashHub Tokyo. As part of the conference, Jacky (Technical engineer of JEDA) and Zhao Yu(Principal of EOS Laomao) had a technical exchange and Q&A with EOS enthusiasts and DApp development engineers.

EOSYS dApp fiesta
Korean blockchain enthusiasts were treated to a dApp fiesta co-hosted by EOSYS and KOREOS, Korea’s biggest EOS community. Over 400 participants took part in workshops, heard from speakers such as Head of Korea, Richard Jung, and Interim Executive Director of EOS Alliance, Thomas Cox, and got to test drive numerous dApps.
Invitation to Korea dApp Fiesta

150k-strong EOS Gravity community shares its feelings about latest developments
Every week, EOS Gravity post discussion topics in their community, usually in WeChat groups, to engage the community in dialogue.. Recently discussed issues include:

  • The impact of gaming dApps on EOS adoption: Decentralizing gaming can remove the house advantage and make these applications more equitable, a benefit that is drawing developers into the EOS ecosystem. Community members are excited by the prospect of gaming serving as a proof-of-concept for the EOS blockchain.
  • CPU parameter update proposed by EOS Rio: The Chinese community is thrilled that the update will make it easier for users to use dApps.
  • REX: REX, a resource leasing platform allows EOS token holders to generate passive income by lending out their EOS tokens. For business users of EOS, REX provides a cheaper alternative for developers than actually buying the necessary resources to deploy dApps. For customers, REX offers both a passive opportunity as well as resource access for using dApps.
    EOS Gravity community discussion 1
    EOS Gravity community discussion 2

dApp incubator comes to China
EOSYS, EOSHK and EOS Cannon jointly launched DIA (DAPP Incubation Association). DIA is a decentralized organization dedicated to incubate DApps and to support the DApp ecosystem. DIA provides a full range of services to bolster the success of decentralized applications. Any DApp team can easily apply for support from trusted EOS community leaders.

EOS in Africa

The Africa Digital Asset Framework Launches on Nov 2 to create cross-border standards for blockchain and cryptocurrency in Africa.
The Africa Digital Asset Framework is a project developed to create open, accessible and people first technological and legal standards to support digital trade between the continent and its diaspora. The platform will act as an open repository of standards to encourage self-regulation for how digital assets are created, used, transacted and managed by policymakers, consumers, entrepreneurs and civil society. ADAF was founded and launched by Raise and EOS Nairobi with Felix Macharia, COO, EOS Nairobi as one of the foundation’s trustees.
African Digital Asset Framework
ADAF announcement article

EOS Africa Virtual Hackathon hosted its most recent EOS hackathon in a completely new format. The hackathon was virtual and was restricted to the African continent. EOS Nairobi held preparation sessions both virtually and in the form of physical meetups to assist competitors across the continent in preparation for the hackathon. The participants were encouraged to form pan-African teams, and the winning teams were comprised of members from Kenya, Nigeria and Benin.
Announcement article

Free EOS Accounts for Africa in partnership with Infinito Wallet
In October 2018, Infinito Wallet, in partnership with EOS Nairobi, ran a free EOS account registration campaign. The drive was warmly received by the African community, with 1,914 EOS accounts registered in a matter of hours (primarily by users across the continent). This eager adoption reflects the enthusiasm around EOS & blockchain stemming from the region.
Infinto Wallet article

Developer ecosystem growth in Africa
As part of its capacity-building campaign among the local developer community, EOS Nairobi held a 3-day training session at Kabarak University School of Computing and Bioinformatics. The campaign served around 100 students, providing them training on the EOSIO software. The aim of the campaign is to empower developers and bridge the gap between demand and supply for their services especially within Africa.

EOS Nigeria Campus Blockchain Hackathon
EOS Nigeria hosted the first blockchain hackathon event in Nigeria in October 2018. The Campus Blockchain Hackathon was held at Covenant University Campus. The hackathon attracted around 1,000 students. Team members from EOS Nigeria mentored the students as they came up with their projects and prepared to pitch.
Campus Blockchain Hackathon in Nigeria

For a technology a mere 5 months old, EOS is generating an unparalleled level of international interest. Hackathons and dApp incubators are breeding the next generation of scalable applications in Asia and Africa, while both the underlying blockchain infrastructure and the governance model of EOS are being refined and improved on a daily basis. Working together across continents to promote the health of the EOS chain, we can make EOS more hospitable for developers, dApp users and enterprise.