Designing for Inclusion

Part 6: Shooting a movie

We all have limits to our abilities — physical, social, emotional and cognitive. How can we design to embrace these universal things that make us human, but also create solutions that are highly adaptive to an individual person?

We as designers can help to remove obstacles, enabling people to participate in society no matter their individual challenges. Let’s imagine a future that puts human empathy at their design core!

The idea behind the movie

Searching for a grocery store to film in

Scouting for locations to film at: Henrik is exploring a Biocompany store in Potsdam.

A Big Day out

Shooting on location at a Biocompany grocery store in Potsdam. The actress is Elke who we first met for an interview and observation. We shot a Canon 6D, mounted on a shoulder rig or tripod with follow focus unit and 24–105/4 lens, using only available light. Ambient sound was recorded on a Zoom H2.

Complementing storytelling in postproduction

The final movie


What is this about?

The designer behind the project

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We are a group of interaction design students working and we are part of the Microsoft Research Design Expo 2015 on inclusive design.

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