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If your company is changing and you’re leading the charge, you want to be sure to bring everyone with you. In this article you can pick up some tips on how to get a better grip on where you are, where you’re going, and how to communicate the plan with everyone on the team.

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, authors Paul Leinwand and Matthias Bäumler, both of PwC’s Strategy Consulting Business, suggest that many firms lack clarity internally on what their strategy is for achieving market dominance. Here’s what they say: “Companies often fail to address the tough questions about strategy and execution: Are we really clear, as a leadership team, about how we choose to create value in the marketplace? …

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Since the very early days of understanding organizational change, experts have concluded that 70% of the companies attempting organizational change will not achieve their desired goal. That is, they fail.

Organizational Change

The reasons for failure are many, and in a recent article, which appeared in the Harvard Business Review by Nick Tasler, an organizational psychologist, author, and speaker, he concludes that much of the reason we don’t succeed is because we don’t expect to.

Change is Hard

“During nearly every discussion about organizational change, someone makes the obvious assertion that “change is hard.” On the surface, this is true: change requires effort. But the problem with this attitude, which permeates all levels of our organizations, is that it equates “hard” with “failure,” and, by doing so, it hobbles our change initiatives, which have higher success rates than we lead ourselves to believe.” Says Tasler. What he’s referring to is the research on the subject has historically pointed out that most firms, 70%, do not reach their change goals. With a number that high it’s no wonder that teams responsible for creating change initiatives start out with a negative perspective and once one little piece of the operational change equation fails they believe they are doomed and so they are; We do so often, if not always, become exactly what we believe, and so change, and life in general, becomes exactly what we expect it will become. …

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I have spent a number of years working in marketing, strategic planning, and branding and I’ve observed just how critical it is to be able to present one’s point of view and get people to “buy in.”

Sometimes we can schedule a formal presentation with charts and facts and handouts, etc. …



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