If your company is changing and you’re leading the charge, you want to be sure to bring everyone with you. In this article you can pick up some tips on how to get a better grip on where you are, where you’re going, and how to communicate the plan with everyone on the team.

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, authors Paul Leinwand and Matthias Bäumler, both of PwC’s Strategy Consulting Business, suggest that many firms lack clarity internally on what their strategy is for achieving market dominance. Here’s what they say: “Companies often fail to address…

Since the very early days of understanding organizational change, experts have concluded that 70% of the companies attempting organizational change will not achieve their desired goal. That is, they fail.

Organizational Change

The reasons for failure are many, and in a recent article, which appeared in the Harvard Business Review by Nick Tasler, an organizational psychologist, author, and speaker, he concludes that much of the reason we don’t succeed is because we don’t expect to.

Change is Hard

“During nearly every discussion about organizational change, someone makes the obvious assertion that “change is hard.” On the surface, this is true…

I have spent a number of years working in marketing, strategic planning, and branding and I’ve observed just how critical it is to be able to present one’s point of view and get people to “buy in.”

Sometimes we can schedule a formal presentation with charts and facts and handouts, etc. to make our point and that works great when you can get it. However, a great deal of our selling and pitching to get “buy in” takes place outside of the conference room and in the hallways and near the water cooler. …

When it comes to the subject of happiness, I’m a willing listener and life-long learner. That’s because happiness is often very elusive for people, especially when it comes to being happy at their job.

How Happy Are You at Work?

Many will say that they are happiest when they leave work and home life is what gives them joy. So they end up living a dual life where work becomes an internalized enemy that, for whatever reason, is not filling them up with joy. Last week I discovered an article on Harvard Business Review that will actually test for how well you might align with work…

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Denise Lee Yohn discusses the challenges organizations face when trying to establish a brand that is in line with an audience’s needs and wants. This blog explores what steps can be taken to ensure your culture, brand, and audience are all in sync.

Denise Lee Yohn, a leading authority on positioning exceptional brands, recently wrote an article for Harvard Business Review, titled: “Why Your Company Culture Should Match Your Brand”.

Yohn begins this way: “Ask people how to develop a good corporate culture, and most of them will immediately suggest offering generous employee…

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, research identifies seven key characteristics that make a task “procrastination-worthy.” Learn how to combat these productivity-blockers and watch your work ethic soar.

Chris Baily is the author of the recent HBR article, Five Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination. Baily is a productivity expert, and the international bestselling author of The Productivity Project. Baily points out that 95% of us procrastinate, and as Piers Steel, author of The Procrastination Equation states: “It is a human condition.” I agree. I don’t see any other species waiting to do what needs to be done. I think…

The Fourth of May is a day of celebration for Star Wars fans worldwide (#MaytheFourthbewithyou). Here at Mavenlink, we’d like to celebrate by sharing the opening scene of Return of the Jedi, and the five project management lessons you can learn from the failing Death Star project.

The holiday was originally spurred from a play on the saga’s famous quote, “May the Force be with you.” Today has been dubbed #StarWarsDay and you’ll find both sides of the force paying homage to the phenomenon. …

The service industry has a unique pain. That is, it’s products are it’s people. Because of this, there are imperative steps involved in managing a project, and team — a project management checklist is a great way to start.

Building a professional relationship with team members not only motivates them to do a better job in their careers, it keeps them loyal. Fostering a culture of deep-rooted respect will benefit not only the associate but also the company.

Let’s face it; the madness of work and life make it easy to be forgetful of the most basic rules of management…

Ditch that tradition of making (and breaking) New Years resolutions once and for all. Congratulations. So, now what? Close your eyes and imagine it is one year later. What would you like your company to have achieved? What obstacles will you have overcome, and what are the chances you actually will achieve those ends?

Instead of making resolutions, set some big and inspiring business goals for the new year because even if you don’t achieve them, getting a firm handle on objectives brings clear focus to opportunities and ultimately captures what your business is all about. …

A leader of one of the world’s largest agency conglomerates, one that includes Leo Burnett, Saatchi and Saatchi, Razorfish, and Sapient, recently made news with a bold statement.

In three years Publicis One will be the agency model for the world.

Jarek Ziebinski, CEO of Publicis One, a new unit designed to gain more economies of scale and better leverage talent across Publicis subsidiaries, went on to say he believes Publicis is “leading the industry towards a more profitable future by revolutionizing the way agencies will think about how they structure their business.”

So what’s revolutionary?

To paraphrase, it’s how they’re taking a…


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