M2M Day 119: I almost went to Open Gym today, but then…

This post is part of Month to Master, a 12-month accelerated learning project. For February, my goal is to land a backflip.

Now that I’ve landed my first backflip, I need to drill it over and over until it becomes complete muscle memory. To do this, I need to be comfortable training on my own, without the support of a coach.

Thus, I figured I’d attend the Open Gym at AcroSports tonight, and see if I can make progress on my own. Well, at least, this was my plan until about 6pm today…

As I was getting ready for the gym, I wasn’t feeling super confident, and so, I decided to pass on the Open Gym for a “strategic” reason, which goes as follows:

Tomorrow is the last day of February. This means that tomorrow is my last chance (with the coaching of Elijah) to nail a beautiful backflip as part of the Month to Master project. To successfully do this, I need to be in a really positive mental state. If I go to Open Gym tonight, and spook myself even more than I did last Friday, I may not be able to fully benefit from my final lesson tomorrow night. Thus, I’ll hold off until tomorrow’s lesson, after which I’ll go to Open Gym as regularly as I need.

This seems sensible enough. It’s probably half excuse, half strategy, which is sometimes okay.

Since I’ve already completed the backflip challenge, I’m giving myself a little wiggle room.

But, since I’m bailing tonight, I really need to commit all my willpower reserves to throwing a bunch of fearless backflips tomorrow.

I feel like I got it…

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Max Deutsch is a product manager at Intuit, the creator of Somebody.io and Rightspeed, and the guinea pig for Month to Master.

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