Know the numbers

The WorkHound team on the Eric Holtzclaw show last week

This blog is a weekly reflection of WorkHound’s time at Dynamo, a logistics-focused accelerator based in Chattanooga, TN. In week five we discuss the importance of knowing business numbers and being featured on a radio show.

Know the numbers

If you’re not getting gut punches, you’re not being challenged in business. This past week was a gut punch moment for me as a founder. When questioned about nitty gritty numbers within the sales process, I stumbled. The data is there, but I haven’t done a great job of turning that into information to indicate success of the business.

Gut feel can only take us so far. Having clear, transparent numbers is helpful to our team, our investors, and even potential hires.

There’s a multitude of positives for us now: Our customers are seeing positive quantified results in their driver turnover. In addition, our sales pipeline is extremely promising right now.

But none of that matters if we can’t show clear actionable information.

This is an area I’m improving because it’s the only way we’ll grow as a team. I’m grateful for the Dynamo team and my cofounder Andrew for challenging me along the way.

Radio show feature

For people that know Andrew and I, you know we’re quite the dynamic team.

Last week we got the chance to highlight this on the Eric Holtzclaw show, a radio and podcast program streamed everywhere the internet is.

In the link above, we talk about everything from how WorkHound was started, why we joined Dynamo, where we think the industry is evolving, and our future plans.

You can also listen to some highlights about professional drivers using smart phones and millennials entering the trucking industry.

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What is WorkHound?

WorkHound is a software platform built to help carriers keep drivers and improve the truck driver experience. Truck drivers use their smartphones to share feedback and ideas with the carrier, which WorkHound aggregates and turns into actionable insights to help manage and retain drivers. WorkHound is co-founded by Andrew Kirpalani and Max Farrell.

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