Project-based Learning Opportunity for CSCI152

The Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Technology Services is looking for volunteer students who are interested in exploring immersive technology in the area of HCI/UX development to join our interdisciplinary innovation intern team. This is a great Learn-by-Doing opportunity to apply your Software Engineering experience to real world projects.

The selected incumbents will participate in the development of a NEW Fresno State XR platform Hubs/XR at Fresno State:

and interactive Virtual Environments, such as EES Research Lab — MCLANE, ROOM 294

Keep It Simple and Smart

Virtual 360 Interactive Tours for Labs and Campus Points of Interest

  • Capture 360 panorama pictures of each lab / POI to create the 360/VRInteractive map
  • Programmed hotspots (interactive) for pop up ‘digital posters/signages’ of Texts, Images (Info Graph) or video b-rolls.
  • Example:
  • Technology: WebVR

Virtual 360 Video Tours for Guided Tour

3D Video / VR

  • Require a VR/HMD (Head Mount Device).


Fall 2019 Updates / Released for #FresnoStateDOG 2019

@FresnoStateDX #WeAreInnvoationTechnology

We will continue to encourage a culture of change and innovation to support digital transformation through partnerships with students, faculty, staff, and the Central Valley community. We will explore technology innovations that support scholarship and research in areas, such as artificial intelligence, robotics autonomous, virtual/augmented reality, blockchain and Smart technologies.

I. Recent Press Releases

Day of Giving 2019 — Highlights of Innovation Interns

Fresno State builds an autonomous Bulldog Bot with AWS RoboMaker

by Audrey Bierly | on 01 NOV 2019 | in AWS Educate, AWS RoboMaker, Education, Higher Education, Public Sector, Robotics

A look at how Arizona State, Fresno State are using blockchain

Universities discussed their approaches to digital ledgers at Educause, highlighting opportunities and challenges for broader adoption in higher ed.

Fresno State launches Cal State Ready Project

Fresno State showcased the Cal State Ready Alexa skill at…

#FresnoStateDOG @FresnoStateDX

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today is an exciting day — November 7 marks Fresno State’s 3rd annual Day of Giving. Generous gifts from supporters like you go directly toward support for our students.

This year, Fresno State Technology Services has a formal fund that supports technology innovation efforts that will directly support student experiences within areas of digital transformation. For example, this past year, the students in the Fresno State Hub for Digital Transformation engaged in projects involving Blockchain, Amazon Robotics, and Chat/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning with Amazon’s Alexa. Students who have spent time…

November 7 from midnight to midnight

Day of Giving is TOMORROW! The Day of Giving is a one-day online fundraising event on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019 from midnight to midnight. All members of the Fresno State community are encouraged to participate, including students, parents, staff, faculty, alumni, friends and community leaders. The goal is to have as many participants as possible come together to raise financial support for student success. (D.O.G. FAQs)

It’s all about our students! See how the Day of Giving supports student success.

How is Technology Services involved? Technology Services has been involved in the Day of Giving for the last three years…

11/18/2019 Hosted by Amazon Web Services and Fresno State Hub of Digital Transformation

Join us for a free event to learn about AWS Cloud and Artificial Intelligence services!

Machine learning is still in its evolutionary stage with much of the progress coming from research on innovative algorithms, better data collection and preparation methods, and newer techniques such as reinforcement learning. Until recently, lack of access to the latest compute, storage, and networking has been a blocker for ML research. This day will help you understand how to leverage AWS AI and machine learning (AI/ML) services for research and to build innovative, student-centric, scalable solutions in the cloud. …

Enhancing Student Success opportunities, through AI and Robotic Automation.

We are all excited to premiere the Bulldog Bot, powered by AWS RoboMaker and AI Services during Fresno State’s Homecoming Week (10/21–10/25/2019)! During Homecoming, expect to see the Bulldog Bot in full swing! The Hub of Digital Transformation will be engaging fans throughout campus with karaoke, Fresno State trivia and silly jokes!

A Project Partnership of DX and Student Involvement

Project Partners

  • Technology Services / Digital Transformation (DX)
    Max Tsai — Lead, Orland Leon — Sponsor
  • Student Involvements (SI)
    Jerry Gomez — tbd, Colin Stewart — tbd

Project Goal:

It is our hope that we will have our student technology innovators, student leaders, and staff of Student Involvement and Hub of Digital Transformation at Technology Services come together to envision how to best serve the next generation of students through AI and Robotic automation. …


“Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.”

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