Moonshot Baseball: Getting Started

Moonshot Baseball
3 min readSep 2, 2022

A Web3 Baseball Ecosystem built on Polygon

Moonshot Baseball Ecosystem

Moonshot Baseball is comprised of the following collections:

  • Main Collection: Team-Position combination NFTs that correspond to IRL stats. Owning any of these NFTs will automatically enter you into our Daily Moonshot Contest
Moonshot Baseball Main Collection
Moonshot Baseballers & FYB Kids
  • Moonshot Diamonds: 500 randomly generated Baseball fields that you can set as your Home Field in order to boost the stats of your team when you play at home
Moonshot Diamonds
Moonshot Voyagers

Moonshot Baseball is not associated nor affiliated with the MLB.

Getting Started

— — — — — — — — — — — —
The best way to get started to purchase any NFT from one of our collections.

Main Collection: OpenSea
Moonshot Baseballers: Hawku | OpenSea
Frontyard Baseball Kids: MINT | Hawku | OpenSea
Moonshot Diamonds: OpenSea
Moonshot Voyagers: MINT | OpenSea

Once you make your initial purchase, post your Ethereum wallet address in the #airdrop channel within our discord and you will be airdropped (within ~24 hours) a full team of Moonshot Baseballers to get you started.

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If you have never purchased an NFT on the Polygon Network before see the first 3:45 of this video or reference this helpful article
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After this, you should register an account on our website account registration page

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Once you receive your full team of Baseballers, you can then create your team’s lineup on our website by clicking the “My Team” tab on the left side of the website

Once you complete your lineup, enter your team's name and save!

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Once your team is saved, you can play simulated games against other collectors at any time through the Game Lobby on our website!

Moonshot Game Queue

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