Before the start of Pre ICO of MPCX Platform less than 24 hours are left!

MPCX Platform
May 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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Today is 6 May 2018 and it means that less than 24 hours left before the start of MPCX Platform Pre- ICO round! The official launch of a great “rocket” and new catalyst of Digital Crypto Wealth Management revolution is scheduled for tomorrow, on the 7th of May, at 12:00 GMT +1!

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Please pay attention on participation details:

  • Minimum deposit amount for participation: 0,1 ETH
  • Cryptocurrency accepted for payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, Zcash and Waves
  • For getting XDMC Tokens you need Waves wallet

Our team prepared for you detailed text instructions of how to set up and fund a Waves wallet, how to buy XDMC on the Waves DEX and how to buy directly from the issuer here:

If these instructions are not enough for you, then we invite you to our telegram-chat where our specialists will be glad to help you at any time. English chat is available here:

Set your alarm clock, write down notes: we meet on the 7 th of May, at 12:00 GTM+1!


  • For all communications related to XDMC Tokens purchase process we use only one e-mail address:
  • You will be communicated in relation to wallets’ addresses and payment instructions only via the following e-mail:
  • Always check the spelling of the email: and our web page: to make sure you are not on a fake web site and not communicated by scammers
  • the URL should be green (secure)
  • To find XDMC Token on the Waves DEX please use the following Asset ID: 4FYCdmcgqxF4HgMDhNmxj3xQ7iXTogWpRBg2cUUMqnn1 to avoid fake tokens

Meanwhile you can learn more about MPCX here:

How to setup a Waves Wallet to participate in the MPCX Platform Pre ICO which take place from 7th May to 17th June 2018.

MPCX’s Crypto investable indices and Digital Smart Investment Mandate.

Proof of Governance (POG) is the main philosophy and fundamental principal on which MPCX platform based.

Meet MPCX’s team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Meet the MPCX’s Team Q&A with Founder & CEO Iurii Riabykin, CFA, MCSI

To learn more about MPCX and XDMC Token readers can visit our website, read the MPCX’sWhitepaper or simply join us on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and LinkedIn.

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