Swarm intelligence is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is the collective behavior of system. In this type of system, there is not a single entity but group of entities work together to perform some task intelligently and exhibits intelligent behavior. The term swarm intelligence is coined by Gerardo Beni in 1989. To understand the concept of swarm intelligence, we take an example from nature. The flock of birds always move in certain shape; they do not move in messy way. There is a reason for that they move in that way because if one of the bird(agent) saw food…

In general terms we can say that data science is the extraction of useful information from massive amount of data, but this field is still in debate that does it deal with only big data and how it is different from analytics and statistics. Data science is the combination of multiple field’s i.e. mathematics, statistics and computer science. The data science growing very rapidly. Data science is the branch of artificial intelligence as it used predictive models to predict future, and it also involves automated methods to analyze massive amount of data to extract knowledge from them and present something…

Muneeb Ul Hassan

Love to #Code #Hack Computer Engineer

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