Learn from their mistakes to actually get the results you intend from your communcations.

If you’ve ever searched for an apartment in New York City, you know that it’s a very unique form of hellish torture.

Between the intense competition, slimy rental agents, and exorbitant broker fees, I honestly feel…

A guided tour inside my digital security practices

I spent a day this week on an annual overhaul of my digital security. Several friends and colleagues were interested in a guide to doing the same; so I thought I would write one up and share with all of you: my closest internet friends.

Everyone’s Getting Hacked

Brands are getting hacked.


How to Get the Truth from Marketing Data

Let’s talk about how to spot (and prevent) common statistical issues with analyzing your marketing campaigns.

If you’ve worked with marketing data (especially data from social media analytics, experiments, email tracking, etc.), …

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I took a road trip to good ol’ Portland, OR. …

My friends and colleagues, change is in the air.

I am elated to announce a new partnership with BizzyWeb, one of the Twin Cities’ best online marketing companies. Many of you already familiar with BizzyWeb: you’ve likely seen their work, attended one of their webinars, or seen owner Dave Meyer…

I don’t know what it is about September, but it seems like everyone goes conference-crazy. And, let me tell you, this September has been no exception. …

Nick Rosener

Data Scientist. Views are my own. Pronouns: He / Him.

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