Nodio Crowdsale Is On

Dear friends, and soon we hope, partners!

At Nodio we agree on a saying that only by making something you truly believe in one can become happy and successful. We are a team of dreamers united by an idea of a safe future, where our right to privacy and freedom of speech are respected. For us, Nodio is a tool to fix what is broken today by the people, who are obsessed with power. The main idea behind the project is decentralization from the corrupted digital world, where multibillion-dollar companies and governmental agencies took over control. It might sound too radical but in reality, our mission can be accomplished with the help of only two precious resources. One is — technology, and we already have it due to an ingenious invention called blockchain. Its possibilities are endless, and people have just started discovering them. The second vital resource is — YOU as a part of our growing community. We need support from the people with the same values as ours, to start our quest. We cherish your interest in our project and want to create a safe community for individuals who are in control of their data, possessions, and privacy. We have decided to reach this goal by distributing 10% of Nodio LTD to you. By starting a crowdsale, we want to connect with our supporters and bring this project to life.

Of course, good things always come in pairs, so you have a chance not only to join the great cause but also significantly improve your financial position.

Why Go Crowdsale Instead Of Crowdfunding?

One of our most important tasks is to form a community that will help us reach a safer future. We don’t want to simply deliver you a final product, we want to listen to your feedback while building it. This way we can continuously improve and make Nodio better. Together we will create a truly valuable product for us and people around us. Become a part of Nodio — let’s make a difference together.

What Does This 10% Mean?

We placing 10% of Nodio LTD value on a crowdsale — this means that we are selling this part without having a fixed price. After the crowdsale you will receive Nod tokens, their number will vary depending on this rate:

10% = 1 000 000 Nod Tokens (Nods).

The more people will chip in — the larger will be the value of the company. This way we will have a bigger funding which will ensure that every step of product’s journey (choice of parts, production, marketing, etc.) will be performed at a highest possible level. This will guarantee a smooth launch of the product and a fast return of investments, followed by profitability.

Crowdsale Time & Date

The crowdsale starts on November 1st, 2016, at 23:59 PST and ends on December 1st, 2016 at 23.59 PST (30 days in total).

What Do You Get?

As any stakeholder of the company, you will be able to review financial statements, take part in the voting on strategic issues, provide feedback on how we are doing business and help make Nodio greater. Also, one of your rights will be picking a company to audit Nodio LTD, so you could be sure that we play fair and square.

Ownership, Resale, Assigning, Trading

After the closing of a crowdsale, you will have a few options on how to use your Nods: exchange to Nodio LTD shares, sell, donate, resale, etc. They will be your property, and you will have the full control over them.

Sale Of Nods

Nods owners can sell their tokens to any person or a company. Also, you can sell Nods directly to us, but only if we offer the redemption of Nods during that period. The purchase is not refundable.


  • For our most loyal supporters, we prepared an “early bird” bonus. The first 100 people to invest receive an extra 10% of Nods after a successful* crowdsale.
  • We have a Rewards Program for first 250 people that will share this post on their social media accounts. More info here.


  • The investing is possible through BTC, ETH, ETC, XMR, ZCASH, LSK, and more.
  • *Please notice that the crowdsale will be considered successful only if the final amount of funds raised is an equivalent of 100 BTC or more. Otherwise, we will find the crowdsale invalid and provide a refund to every user in the exact same amount of funds he/she has invested.

Everything you need to know about Nodio:

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