Nodio Crowdsale Rewards

Good things come in pairs! 
Now, while promoting Nodio to ensure the great value of your Nods, you can also get an awesome bonus from us. We are starting a bounty campaign!


Every person that qualifies for the bonus can complete the actions listed below and become one of first 250 people to which we will evenly distribute 50000 Nods.

It is incredibly easy to take part in bonus distribution, all you need to do is promote Nodio on one of your social accounts. But first take a few seconds to check if your account qualifies for that.


For promoting on Facebook or Twitter, you should have more than a 100 friends/followers, and your account should be at least one-year-old based on your posts/tweets.


To promote Nodio on Facebook or Twitter, you have to share thіs post:
on your timeline. It has to have a text description and be public. Posts should be made no later than 7 days before the end of bounty campaign.

Once you completed a task, send an email with the links to the posts to Remember, the posts have to stay on your timeline at least till 01 December 2016 23.59 PST, we will check for them.

Applicants can check the current status of their applications here.


The bounty campaign starts on 01 November 2016 23.59 PST and ends on 01 December 2016 23.59 PST.

Max participants

The maximum number of participants is 250 people.


Nodio LTD can decline to issue the bonus if we suspect that an account is fake or user was using other fake accounts or bots to pose as his friends/followers.

Everything you need to know about Nodio:

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Enter a Crowdsale at

Become a part of the project that will start the era of decentralized applications and make Internet safe!

Good luck!

P.S. Guys, we came up with a rewards program thinking that you believe in our project and want to become a part of it. We want to remind you, that fake, promotional, or impersonal social media accounts will not be qualified for a bounty program. We are not asking for much, just for a repost so more people can get acquainted with Nodio.