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A Google's world

What would you do if you had access to a virtually unlimited wealth and to all the greatest technology? The opportunity to hire the greatest geniuses of your time?

Dear 2002's self,

You just saw a space probe called Rosetta in the ESTEC facility from the ESA. You couldn’t touch it because there was a glass wall and the probe was in a white room. But it…

I don’t want to post on Medium…

…because I’m not cool enough

I like Medium. It’s a wonderful publishing platform. It a breeze to read something on Medium, to not…

The Fight for E-Clothing

A Letter from the Future

I meet Karl Isrich in a small restaurant. You maybe heard about the company he founded, MyVirtualTaylor, a pioneer of…

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The Cost of Being Convinced

Are you ready to accept something new?

When debating, we usually consider that opinions are merely resulting of being exposed to…

The Death of My Best Enemy

True enemies are rare. At least if, like me, you are easy going and a bit naive. In my eyes, everybody is friendly and if someone is really rude, I just avoid him.

The Day I saved A Life

When I was a teenager, I liked to go with my mother to visit her friend. Especially during summer. She has a huge, beautiful garden with a big swimming pool. I would…

The Publisher’s Dilemma

I’m a book publisher. Maybe I should say “I was”. Or “I’m still”. I’m not even sure what my job is. Nor do I know if I still have a job. I’m currently struggling with…

Meet John Doe, founder of

In fall 2014, made the buzz. The startup is nonetheless very discreet. A simple CrowIT logo on a letterbox, a hallway, a lift and I am in

Feel free to tip a good story

We have entered in an incredible world of free content. If it can be copied, you can find it for free on the Internet. It is as simple as that and it is awesome…

J’irai pisser sur votre moquette

Si vous deviez me décrire en deux mots, nul doute que fourbe et profiteur vous viendraient spontanément à la bouche. Paresseux, parasite et inutile…