A guide and advice on how to get started, or how to transition into Bioinformatics for people with biology or programming backgrounds.


Part 1: Why do you want to become a Bioinformatician?

Let’s take a look at how we can program Hamming Distance algorithm in three different ways

DNA Engine project structure and class setup.

Python dictionary, Rust HashMap and a DNA Reverse Complement function

Segment 1: Dictionary and a Hash Map

Strings, Functions, and Crates/Modules

In Part 1 we look at PyQt setup, Qt Designer, UI converter tool and write a test application.

  • Reading frame generation.
  • Protein Search in a reading frame (sub-function for the next function).
  • Protein search in all reading frames.


Programmer. Biotech. For life extension. Brain & Consciousness studies. Physics/Rocket/Satellite/Robotics/A.I. engineering for Space travel. Vegan. FOSS.

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