“Someone must have been telling tales about Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested.” — The Trial, by Franz Kafka

Facebook is the dystopian future of our nightmares. It’s a bastard chimera of Orwell, Kafka, Huxley and Atwood. Its “Community Standards” are enforced by faceless craven commissars. They make China’s “Social Credit” look transparent and accountable. They rule through fear, threatening to separate us from our friends and families for thougthcrime.

Hi, I’m Roger. I’m back after another 30 day ban from Facebook, for criticising homophobia and sexism. Yes Facebook, which expressly allows promoting violence against non-compliant women, banned me for saying homophobia and sexism are bad things. …

I’ve written before about absurdities in discussions of trans issues. How self-declared progressives came to promote violence against non-compliant women and to call sexual attraction transphobic is surely a wonder of the age.

It often seems that when progressive politics talks about diversity and inclusion, what it really means is everyone having the one, same, correct opinion on important issues.

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This is endemic in trans activism, as shown by the evolution of the UK’s leading LGBT charity Stonewall, which it says:

…was founded in 1989 by people whose aim was to create a highly professional lobbying organisation to put the case for sexual orientation equality on the mainstream political agenda. …

There’s a lot more heat than light when discussing Trans Issues.

One area that causes even more confusion than most is that of sexual preferences.

Veronica Ivy (formerly Rachel McKinnon), a trans philosopher and champion cyclist, once claimed that any sexual orientation other than “pansexual” (attraction regardless of sex) was immoral because it would exclude people based on their genitals.

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While this was widely ridiculed even within trans activism, it’s a common theme that not considering someone as a romantic or sexual partner because they are trans is “transphobic”.

Ryan Butcher, the editor of Pink News, tells us the definition of “transphobia” is not accepting a trans person as the gender they identify as. …


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