“Someone must have been telling tales about Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested.” — The Trial, by Franz Kafka

Facebook is the dystopian future of our nightmares. It’s a bastard chimera of Orwell, Kafka, Huxley and Atwood. Its “Community Standards” are enforced by…

There’s a lot more heat than light when discussing Trans Issues.

One area that causes even more confusion than most is that of sexual preferences.

Veronica Ivy (formerly Rachel McKinnon), a trans philosopher and champion cyclist, once claimed that any sexual orientation other than “pansexual” (attraction regardless of sex) was…

Dear Twitter

I’m writing to ask you to save your platform from disaster, and reverse the absurd ban you’ve imposed on hundreds of people, mainly women, all apparently due to “activism” associated with Jessica Yaniv (@TrustedNerd).

You emailed me on 12 July 2019 saying my twitter account @RogSat had been…


Dear Facebook & Facebook Press Office

I’d be very grateful if you could confirm that the following joke is acceptable within Facebook’s Community Standards.

“Throat Punch TERFs”

I ask, because the following jokes was deemed unacceptable and deserving of a 30 day ban from Facebook, even though it was not (of…

Roger Dubar

Culture. Satire. Law. Media. Tech.

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