The scale up story of Udaan : A case study.

3 min readSep 30, 2021


UDAAN speeds up recruitment with Codejudge

About Udaan

Udaan is the largest Indian B2B trade platform designed to empower small and medium businesses in India. They assemble all Indian traders, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and brands under one virtual roof.

Udaan enables businesses to discover customers, make a trade and grow their business networks. They have successfully executed their vision of implementing a country-wide digital transformation of the trade ecosystem.

Udaan operates across categories such as — electronics, home & kitchen, lifestyle, staples, fruits & vegetables, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, and general merchandise. They have over 3 million users, 1.7 million retailers, chemists, farmers, and 30,000 active sellers on their platform. With sound technology at hand, they facilitate supply chain & logistics operations for day-to-day delivery across 900 cities with udaanExpress, and credit services with udaanCapital.

Testimonial by Technical Recruitment Associate at Udaan

Challenge: To accelerate the tech-hiring cycle and acquire top-quality engineers.

When push came to shove, the traditional tech hiring process seemed obsolete for companies to implement. It devoured a lot of time and money. Also, with a nationwide lockdown and irregular business unlock patterns, small and medium Indian firms were gearing up for a digital transformation of their work functions and trade.

Udaan catered to the need of the hour, and it was time for them to grow in size. So, Udaan started looking for online platforms that accurately assessed candidates and reduced the candidate interview time.

The primary challenge points were:

  • To quicken the recruitment process.
  • Hire candidates that match job requirements.
  • Hire top performers that can provide value from day 1.

Besides, there were prevalent hiring issues of high costs, mis-hiring, filtering through a massive heap of resumes, and applicant management. Udaan was searching for a one-stop assessment platform that would resolve these issues and catalyze the hiring process.

A dynamic solution from Codejudge

A high-growth company like Udaan needed more than just puzzles to assess developer talent. Also, they had to screen a large number of applicants in a short time.

That is when Codejudge came in to rescue the day!

Udaan automated their screening process with the Codejudge assessment suite and customizable tests. Which then allowed Udaan to evaluate over 500 developers in two months. They were able to acquire a skill-accurate talent pipeline of candidates supported by their performance analytics which enabled them to make cognitive hiring decisions.

Moreover, the candidates are evaluated based on their ability to build real-world problem-based micro-projects. Hence, all the efficiency reports served as an overview of the applicant’s technical acumen.


10x recruitment

By partnering with Codejudge, Udaan has screened 868 candidates, saved 374 interview hours, hired 25+ developers, saved $6,780 in costs, and achieved 67% hiring accuracy.

Building real-world micro-projects brings out the real gist of developers, which allows candidates to exhibit real-world skills. The element of top quality assessments & recruitment automation made a great impression on companies, and this aspect led companies to choose us. Also, the skill reports showcased genuine performance metrics which helped Udaan hire exceptional developer talent.

In a world built by engineers, Codejudge strives to strengthen the quality quotient of the hiring process.

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