//first post & about me

My name is Satish Thomas. I work on the Microsoft Dynamics (ERP) R&D team as Group Program Manager leading product and program management for Dynamics Cloud Platform & Engagement areas — Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Cloud Runtime, Developer Experience, Cloud Telemetry, Analytics, Updates & Engineering Systems.

A little about me — I was born in Nigeria and later moved to Botswana, a landlocked country in Southern Africa best known for its diamond reserves & wildlife. Then went onto college in Chicago, and I now live in the Evergreen State.

I plan to use this site to publish a variety of misc stuff that I hope people will find interesting or useful… related to Microsoft Dynamics, Business SaaS, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Next-gen Customer Experience, etc. Value investing & poker as well, maybe?

You can reach me @satishthomas (send me a direct message).

Satish’s Bytes

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

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