Today, I celebrate 10 years at Microsoft! It seems like a recent memory when I graduated from college and was weighing my options between a technology career at Microsoft vs. an investment banking career at BoA/Merrill Lynch. I am glad I made the choice I did back then :)

Although this sounds cliche, it has truly been an amazing journey so far and I am really looking forward to what lays ahead. Sharing a few things I learned along the way and some highlights and in no particular order…

My first manager on day 1 gave me a print-out of…

Today we went live with the public preview of the new Dynamics AX — available now to existing Dynamics customers & partners. It has been amazing journey for the entire Dynamics AX team to reach this milestone. I am humbled to be part of what we believe is a truly transformative release for the ERP industry!

  • How you can get started with the public preview of the new Dynamics AX (for existing customers & partners)
  • How to engage with us and provide feedback on your experience
  • Resources for you to learn more about the new Dynamics AX

Overview of the new Dynamics AX

Before we go…

Hi everyone,

We have been been heads down building Microsoft Dynamics ‘AX 7’ — the upcoming cloud release of our flagship ERP product and through the Dynamics ‘AX 7’ preview program (similar to the Windows ‘Insider’ Program.. but for Dynamics) thrilled to demonstrate the pre-release versions of the product to partners, customers & analysts.

We are humbled to hear all the early feedback from developers, partners & analysts who have gotten their hands on the preview versions of Dynamics ‘AX 7’. We are continuously listening and iterating the product taking into consideration all your feedback.

Hear feedback directly from early…

Last week in Atlanta, we had the opportunity to share what we have been working on and engage with customers, prospects, partners, media, industry analysts & more.

Convergence this year, for the first time, morphed to become the marquee event from Microsoft for business decision makers — and the focus was around the value-prop Microsoft uniquely has to offer as a whole, not just focused on Dynamics products as it did in previous years.

From a Dynamics Cloud Engagement & Platform team perspective — it was big event for us. The unveiling of ‘Box’/LCS solutions, sneak peak at ‘AX7’, momentum…

Last week in Barcelona the Microsoft Dynamics team held the Convergence conference for EMEA region that brings together customers, prospects, partners, media, industry analysts & more. The keynote highlighted the momentum we are seeing in market, great Dynamics customer stories (JJFoods, Ingram-Micro, Nagra Kudelski, Onduline) and the truly unique value prop of Business Solutions from Microsoft.

The momentum in the market today for both Dynamics ERP & CRM is incredible — and from a Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Platform engineering team perspective, it was a great opportunity for us to share all the latest related product innovations with the Dynamics ecosystem…

Its been an exciting year* or so since Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) was introduced to the world! LCS is an industry first — the first fully cloud-powered, comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM) service & more built for business applications (Microsoft Dynamics). Built for a cloud-first world, LCS is rapidly iterated on with new capabilities and feature enhancements.

Quick look back at Year 1

Incredible momentum. Millions of page impressions and growing fast. Over 10,000 project workspaces being leveraged by thousands of customers, partners & ISVs for their Dynamics implementations. Diverse usage across company sizes, industries and geographies**. Highly recommended by leading industry analysts.

LCS Beta…

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About ‘Bytes’: This is the first in my series of ‘Bytes’ — intended at discussing topics that I feel people may find interesting or useful. If you have suggestions for future topics — let me know!

In my conversations with customers & prospects — the topic of ERP support experience and the associated feelings with it is a recurring topic. Having access to a high quality, efficient and speedy (think minimized days to solution) product support experience when needed — is one of the critical ingredients of a successful ERP implementation.

That context and the fact that we are living…

//first post & about me

My name is Satish Thomas. I work on the Microsoft Dynamics (ERP) R&D team as Group Program Manager leading product and program management for Dynamics Cloud Platform & Engagement areas — Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Cloud Runtime, Developer Experience, Cloud Telemetry, Analytics, Updates & Engineering Systems.

A little about me — I was born in Nigeria and later moved to Botswana, a landlocked country in Southern Africa best known for its diamond reserves & wildlife. Then went onto college in Chicago, and I now live in the Evergreen State.

I plan to use this site to publish a variety of misc stuff that I hope people will find interesting or useful… related to Microsoft Dynamics, Business SaaS, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Next-gen Customer Experience, etc. Value investing & poker as well, maybe?

You can reach me @satishthomas (send me a direct message).

Satish’s Bytes

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

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