The JavaScript
World Domination

How exactly did we end up here?

“Why hadn’t you mentioned Netscape’s original server-side JavaScript solution — but instead pointed out node.js as “How it all started”?

“While node wasn’t the first server-side JavaScript solution, it certainly was a turning point with regard to how JavaScript’s used today”.

Accidental JavaScript

David Linden’s original, “The Accidental Mind” reimagined
ECMAScript 2015 Release Candidate 1 (via Allen Wirfs-Brock)

Occupying the browser

Suddenly — a wild JavaScript appears

Moore’s Law explained (by Ray Kurzweil, via Niv Dror)
Netscape’s original Client+Server-side JavaScript architecture
Internet Explorer’s dHTML (from the book “Developing XML Solutions” via
Basic scheme of the DOM — image via James Padolsey

Enter node.js

JavaScript speed increase during the browser wars (via Brendan Kenny)
Node.js and the myriad of tools it has spawned has made cross-platform task automation a breeze, extending the JavaScript tooling leaps and bounds beyond what was possible before.
Atom Editor’s interface (all in its pure HTML5-glory) could match any of the contemporary native-code editors’
The JavaScript of Things (based on the image at the blogpost by ayza)

The JavaScript of Things

Espruino’s next generation, the Pico — slated for release in May
The original Tessel (via Technical Machine’s Instagram)
All these sensors and circuitry fit on an IC-board about the size of a credit card!
Two Tessels connected to the USB ports of a Tessel 2
The “Fractal” concept from the docs

Way ahead of its time:
JavaScript Droids from the Future

Structure of SpiderMonkey’s JIT in Firefox (via Luke Wagner)
Also coming to JavaScript — support for native SIMD instructions (image via Intel OpenSource blog)
Unity 5's HTML5 export demoed at GDC2015

TinyScript — the Davids to your
JavaScript Goliaths

The Atomic Game Engine uses Duktape for embedded scripting




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