The JavaScript
World Domination

How exactly did we end up here?

Accidental JavaScript

David Linden’s original, “The Accidental Mind” reimagined
ECMAScript 2015 Release Candidate 1 (via Allen Wirfs-Brock)

Occupying the browser

Suddenly — a wild JavaScript appears

Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law explained (by Ray Kurzweil, via Niv Dror)
Netscape’s original Client+Server-side JavaScript architecture

Serve your script, and eat it too

DOMinating the JavaScript World

Internet Explorer’s dHTML (from the book “Developing XML Solutions” via
Basic scheme of the DOM — image via James Padolsey

Enter node.js

It just happened to be
in the right time, at the right place.

JavaScript speed increase during the browser wars (via Brendan Kenny)


Gathering a Common-ity

Extending the chain of command

Node.js and the myriad of tools it has spawned has made cross-platform task automation a breeze, extending the JavaScript tooling leaps and bounds beyond what was possible before.

A NW era

Atom Editor’s interface (all in its pure HTML5-glory) could match any of the contemporary native-code editors’

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The JavaScript of Things (based on the image at the blogpost by ayza)

The JavaScript of Things

A fiery fox to the rescue

“Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.”
Atwood’s Law by Jeff Atwood

Minuscule Scripts

Espruino’s next generation, the Pico — slated for release in May

The Espruino

The original Tessel (via Technical Machine’s Instagram)

The original Tessel

Firefox OS’s twisted twin brother: Jan OS

All these sensors and circuitry fit on an IC-board about the size of a credit card!

Tessel 2 — hardcore prototyping

Two Tessels connected to the USB ports of a Tessel 2
The “Fractal” concept from the docs

Way ahead of its time:
JavaScript Droids from the Future

Structure of SpiderMonkey’s JIT in Firefox (via Luke Wagner)
Also coming to JavaScript — support for native SIMD instructions (image via Intel OpenSource blog)

Look Ma’ — a time machine!

Unity 5's HTML5 export demoed at GDC2015

TinyScript — the Davids to your
JavaScript Goliaths

The Atomic Game Engine uses Duktape for embedded scripting






JavaScript, Hardware, Games · Skylark · Mozilla · Tessel Project

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JavaScript, Hardware, Games · Skylark · Mozilla · Tessel Project

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