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passing on your private-keys after death

Feb 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Here’s a simple, non-technical solution to passing on your bitcoin (the “private-keys”) after death. This protocol simultaneously incentivizes the security of your Keys from a wrench-attack during life.

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It’s an auspicious coincidence that it’s the same people that (1) you want to pass on your BTC to after death, and (2) you would trust to secure your private-keys during life.

It’s even more auspicious considering that, with this protocol, your loved ones are incentivized for taking on the danger of securing your private-keys.

contrary to Hodler belief, a bitcoin inheritance protocol can actually increase the security of your BTC.

First, organize who gets what.

Familiarize yourself with the counter Wrench-Attack protocol (CWAP).

Follow the same procedure, but simply create a unique passphrase-protected wallet for each Heir. Give all Heirs the same “first 12 seed-words” (for redundancy) AND their own unique passphrase which corresponds to their unique wallet. This wallet holds their inheritance.

You store “the last 12 seed-words” & all of the pass-phrases (or none, IF inheritance is much more important than security).

sample letter — crash-course intro for signatories

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when you die,…

How will your half of the private-keys (“the last 12 seed-words”) be dispersed, after your death? The options here range considerably…

  • Consider legality.
  • How technical are the people executing your protocol?

Find a balance between — the security of your Keys during life, and the importance of your Inheritance, after death.

Implement a “key-distribution for Death” protocol that is most suitable for you.

some ideas —

You could tell all/some/one of your Heirs where a copy of your seed-words are hidden.

You could have back-up copies, at a friend’s house, in a safe. You could even give them the safe’s combo.

You could have lawyers execute a will.

or, less formally — give instructions to your local friends.

You could even make a treasure map ; )

Summary —

  • You die.
  • Your 12 words (somehow) get distributed to your heirs.
  • Their unique pass-phrases unlocks their unique wallets.

while no security or protocol is perfect, I hope this simple guide gives you some ideas…

Improve your physical safety during life,

and extend your legacy after death…

BTC king hugging his joyful heir

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