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Getting out of a bad relationship is the real Christmas miracle

When Pete handed me the gift, I was hesitant. It felt like a tiny stack of note cards. The wrapping paper had nothing to grip and whatever was contained within slid around alarmingly. In an instant, I knew what he had given me.

At that same moment, I decided to breakup with him.

I’m a sucker for the holidays. The lights, the music, the trees, the incessant smell of cinnamon in the air, I love it all. Mostly, I enjoy exchanging gifts. …

They don’t have to be abusive to be bad for you

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I felt Tim fall into the bed next to me. I pretended to be asleep. I heard him give a big sigh. Then another. He poked me on the shoulder.

“You awake?”

“I am now.”

“Oh sorry. I’ll let you sleep.”

He said it like it was a kind favor, but his inflection indicated disappointment and sadness. I could go to sleep…but that sigh told me he’d stay awake, staring at the ceiling or scrolling through his phone mindlessly until he drifted off. I sat up. “It’s OK. Everything alright?”

“Ugh. It’s never alright.”

Here we go.

As a culture…

Why you need to chill if you want to produce better work

The most popular writing advice out there is, ”Keep writing.” At this point we’ve all heard this at some point or another What those who offer this advice don’t specify is how long one should write before putting the pen down. Nor could they. Writing is deeply personal to every individual. Yet we automatically assume that our output should be as high as the person who produces the mythical 10,000 words a day.

I certainly believed this once. Assuming my worth as a writer was only measured by the completed amount of words I could put out each day I…

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Let go of your money fears by letting go of your money and giving it to me

Hey everyone! Have you missed me? Well, I missed every one of you followers just so much! But I’ve had a good reason for my absence. Can you keep a secret? I’ve been working on a project.

JUST KIDDING! IT’S NOT A SECRET ANYMORE! I just started a new online course and I want you all to sign up today!

What’s it about? As you know I want everyone to learn how to let go of their self-limiting beliefs around money. Every week I try to make you all understand that you don’t need dollars in the bank to make…

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Some signs to help you spot the truth

Over several years I’ve fallen for men who were not ready to be in relationships. They might have said they were, but their behavior told a different story. Be wiser than me when looking for a relationship that will withstand the test of time. Here are some signs that can tell you that the man you’re seeing isn’t what you need.

His allows his parent to do his laundry

The first time a guy told me he’d never folded his own shirts I thought it was a joke. As a kid who only earned that allowance if her clothes were put away within a day of coming out…

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How I embraced being productive instead

I’ve got a confession. I’m obsessed with lists. I not only love lists, but in my delusion, I believe that they love me. Why else would they offer me purpose for every moment of the day? Little box after box to check off so I don’t have a free moment to feel guilty that I’m not working. Professional or personal, it didn’t matter. I just need to do something for my career or other projects. Otherwise, I’ll fidget and take out my phone, notepad, or other nearby device and try to work. I didn’t want a long relaxing dinner with…

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The early bird accomplishes their dreams faster

During university, I convinced myself that writing would never be good enough to interest clients or readers. The dozens of hand-scrawled notebooks were piled up, bearing stories that I labored on, before meeting their fate in a large recycling receptacle. I’m sorry, packing things is hard and choices had to be made. Because of my fear, writing didn’t bring me joy during those years.

Still, my creativity was mere embers as it took a backseat while I tried to find another passion. A safe dream. Something reasonable and within my reach. Indeed, I was on a quest to build a…

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Time apart can actually save your relationship

There are few feelings like that rush of emotion you feel when you start dating someone new. We’ve all been there. All you want to do is hang out, getting to know every facet of their life. Unearth each and every secret. Dig into the person and find out what makes them unique.

Did I mention you can also find those red flags that might tell you to run? Whatever your reasons, it’s not uncommon for new relationships to start off with the pair being inseparable.

I’m not going to knock doing this for a week or even month. But…

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It’s time to treat service workers better

Did you hear? No one wants to work anymore! At least that is the word from the masses of the suffering individuals who’ve found out that restaurants and stores are having to close early and that have to weight a little longer for their coffee. The reason? Lack of staff. The reasons behind this terrible development many, according to said suffering masses.

The pandemic shut it down and now they are struggling to get back on their feet.

People are getting too much from unemployment and so they don’t want to sacrifice their free cash.

No one wants to work…

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Ideas without action aren’t very fun to talk about

I used to be that person who’d excitedly say to everyone, “I have to tell you about my amazing idea!” Now I shudder as I picture all my friends inwardly groan at my words. They’d heard me say the same thing before many times.

Yet I rarely followed through on any of my goals. While those around me wanted to be supportive, they didn’t’ want to support my habit of talking the talk but not walking the walk.

Believe me. No one should spill forth their half-formed goals for the world to see. At best your friends will be mildly…

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