5 Best technology to learn for future in 2018

Jun 14, 2018 · 6 min read

From data scientists to data security professionals, fight for the best in technology expertise will increase on in 2018. It’s clear that every one of us might have read a number of blogs and articles that predict the best technology to learn for future. How is it different? If you are looking forward to a new career in tech and have the ambition to learn, any of the following five career choices is something that is recommended for you to focus on:

1. Cryptocurrency Investor

You know everyone is investing in cryptocurrency these days. It is the latest fiery topic of the year. Many people made lots of money with cryptocurrency and also there are many people who have lost great bucks. The market at Cryptocurrency is fairly young and If you will gain technical knowledge of it and if you are a regular market follower, then you could potentially make high rate on returns.


Working as a Crypto Investor is one of the best technology to learn for future but at a same time risky and you should personally not prefer to be a crypto investor. Moreover, if you have a high risk of tolerance then here are few things that you need to do:

  • Read the Crypto Assets
  • Read Ethereum yellow paper
  • Read Bitcoin white paper
  • Use Crypto Sheets
  • Read articles available online for Crypto investment.

Remember you should not be investing more than you are willing to lose.

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2. Blockchain Developer

Another field in the queue to learn new technologies for future that is likely to go crazy in this year. With the platforms like Ethereum taking the lead, more and more companies need developers who understand the blockchain tactics, smart contracts, and are able of building decentralized applications. This market is still young but good developers are rare. So, if you are looking to become skilled in this particular area, the sky’s the limit for you!


This tech is getting bigger with the evolution of technology trends at a rapid pace this is the only drawback in this tech trend. What you’ll need; is to stay on top of the changes to make a longer stay in the game. Here are the interesting points you need to focus on to stay in the game:

  • Learn about DAPP
  • Learn how peer to peer
  • Learn the basics of Node.js
  • Learn about public key cryptography.
  • Build your own blockchain using JavaScript.
  • Learn about what Cryptocurrency is and its history.
  • Learn about Application Binary Interface.

What do you think, Do you want to be a Blockchain Developer? Is not then read other best technology to learn for future

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3. Machine Learning Engineer

This is hardest to pick but one of the hot topic among other top technology trends from this list. I believe you know that you need to have some technical knowledge before choosing this field. This field is likely to make some extreme changes in our lives. Although we are very far from artificial general intelligence, over the coming year.

  • For a start you have to start with Python programming language.
  • Try working with a machine learning API like Clarifai and try building a simple application.
  • Learning about advancements in Machine Learning would be great.
  • Kick-start using Jupyter.
  • Time to build your own models.

For kick-starting with such complex technology, get to


If you are okay to take risk in the above tech trends then great, you should start from today. but if not then coming best technology to learn for future in this list are for you. Keep on exploring!

4. Software Developer

It’s a huge industry and one of the most secure risks that won’t be going away anytime soon, as the technology is in great demand over the globe. We are already surrounded by software and this is even becoming more and more notable at the time. Software development is one of the most frequently chosen profession and its future too is strongly believed.


As you already know technology is evolving day by day, just like that there have been many improvements in this field, unlike in the past when your programming language dictate what you are limited to doing. As of now, with things like , Jonny-Five, Electron, you can build anything on any platform with just the . However, it is not limited to learning javascript but it shows that you can get into programming and do pretty much anything that you want.

Software Development is also the field that allows you to gain some fundamental technical knowledge allowing you to jump into new trending technologies like blockchain development, machine learning, crypto investing, and any of the upcoming future tech trends.

You can learn more about Software Development at one of the highest rated courses of Udemy

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5. Educators who can explain complex topics

We are living in a world of emerging technologies where these latest technology trends are part of everything and keep on evolving around us. The pace at which the new findings, new methods, and new achievements are being discovered is outpacing the amount that we can individually learn. A major number of people are becoming specialized in their field because there is so much to a depth and a lot of information about the collective human mind.


With an increase in quantity and pace of information where the quantity of resources has diminished. By the end of this year, it is expected that there would be a greater need for instructors that can teach complex topics to the beginners. But why is it so hard? Because education is notoriously difficult. People over the globe have multiple levels of abilities and different level of learning styles. So, if you love teaching people, this job is something that is really hard to accomplish with perfection in technology field but this sort of career in technology gets back great financial rewards.

Moreover, the criteria for selection is simple:

  1. The technology should be highly in demand that will pay you off good bucks. However, you can pick up with the right company if you have relevant skills.
  2. It should grow faster than the number of skilled workers such that the job market doesn’t get saturated.
  3. The technology should be internationally used and should be needed all over the globe.
  4. The important note: If you are then you yourself have to be a hard worker. None of the magic bullets are going to work for your career growth. If it was easy, everyone would have got a chance doing it. The rest depends on your determination and effort.

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