Tapjoy kicks off our new “App of the Month” column by taking a look at an app that has become one of the favorites around our office.

App: Design Home

Developer: Glu Mobile

Launch Date: November 17, 2016

The Skinny
Design Home lets you live the life of an interior decorator by decorating a variety of cool and unusual rooms and houses, from island getaway homes to luxury high-rise apartments. Pick from a huge variety of furniture and accessories from high-end, real-world brands like Design Within Reach, Serena & Lily, Taylor Burke Home and more. It also offers PvP action through interactive design challenges that pit players against one another to see who can design the best room according to their peers. …

Here’s What You Need to Know Regarding Tapjoy & GDPR

The big week is finally here! With Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation set to take effect on Friday, May 25, we are updating our publisher guidelines, privacy policy, publisher terms, and advertiser terms to complement the behind-the-scenes work we’ve done to support compliance across the Tapjoy platform.

What’s Changed in the Terms?
For advertisers and publishers, GDPR compliance is now an express requirement for use of our services in the GDPR coverage zone. We’ve changed our minimum-age requirements to be in line with GDPR requirements and have updated our terms to include a commercial partner DPA to cover data provided by…

Tapjoy, 20th Century Fox and Vizeum were nominated in the Best Mobile Campaign category.

We are so honored to be nominated, along with 20th Century Fox and Vizeum Global, for a 2018 ThinkLA IDEA Award!

As a finalist in the best mobile campaign category, our UnBULLievably Entertaining campaign for the theatrical film Ferdinand, brought the lovable bull to life through interactive, rich-media creatives within the mobile gaming environment.

The campaign featured three customized playable ad units, optimized and localized for consumers in 16 different countries, which resulted in over 220 unique creative experiences. The creatives mimicked similar gameplay mechanisms as the games the users were playing, resulting in opt-in, deep engagement and action. …

Tapjoy’s Mike Lisavich, Group Product Manager, shared his thoughts on all things AI-based bidding, the role of creative in the outcome of bids and his personal favorite casino game.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your role at Tapjoy.
My name’s Mike Lisavich and I’m the head of demand products at Tapjoy, which basically means I oversee all the work we do on ad products, videos, and digital creatives. My team is mostly developers, and we spend a lot of time trying to solve problems that publishers and advertisers deal with when trying to reach users at scale. We also build Tapjoy’s dashboards and reporting APIs, and we maintain the integrations we have with mobile measurement partners. We’re fairly autonomous, which means we get to tackle some very…

Tapjoy CEO, Steve Wadsworth, published a guest post with AdExchanger discussing all things ad pricing models, moving beyond the CPM and metrics that matter.

Here at Tapjoy, we’ve been espousing the theme of “metrics that matter” as a way of getting advertisers to focus on driving meaningful results, instead of worrying about shallow metrics like reach and impressions. To that end, our CEO, Steve Wadsworth, has published a guest post in AdExchanger’s On TV & Video column offering his thoughts on how the industry can finally move beyond the CPM pricing model to drive better business outcomes.

Titled “What Might Replace the CPM Pricing Model for Video Ad Buying?”, the article explains why now is the right time for the industry to move past…

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, and Tapjoy is ready for it.

We take privacy very seriously and we support consumers’ rights to control their personal data. As such, we believe that GDPR is an important step for the entire digital ecosystem, and we want to help all of our advertising and developer partners make sure they’re in compliance with GDPR requirements as well.

We are accepting the role of “controller” status with respect to personal data passed to us through our SDK for monetization purposes and “processor” status for personal data provided to us by advertisers and publishers for other purposes. …

The first installation of our spotlight series features Elaine Uy talking everything from the most challenging and rewarding parts of her role to her favorite family tradition.

It’s no secret, Tapjoy’s biggest asset is our people! The Tap Into Our Team series spotlights the exceptional talent that makes us tick. Comprised of people with diverse backgrounds, cultures, skill sets and global perspectives; the Tapjoy team cultivates an innovative workspace while emphasizing support both inside and outside of the office.

Meet Elaine Uy, Engineering Manager here at Tapjoy. Elaine and her engineering team are largely responsible for 1st party and 3rd party ad creatives.

What is your favorite thing about working out of the Boston office?
Getting to bring my dog Tiger to work (he made the picture too)…

Tapjoy’s latest consumer survey found that 58% of moms surveyed play mobile games 3x or more each day.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re planning to give Mom some flowers and candy, you might want to think again. It turns out, what she really wants is some time alone to play her favorite mobile game.

Tapjoy’s latest consumer survey found that moms are big-time mobile gamers, spending more time playing games than dads and non-parents do. The average mobile gaming mom spends over an hour per day playing games on her smartphone or tablet, while nearly a quarter of them (24%) play for more than three hours a day. …

Tapjoy’s newest Maximum Impact Report reveals that users who watched up to 5 videos in their first week had retention rates nearly 3x better than the industry average.

Rewarded ads have become a significant source of revenue for many of the top grossing app developers today. But most developers don’t know that the ads, also known as “value exchange” ads, also help increase their in-app spend, app engagement and user retention metrics as well.

If players can get virtual currency or premium in-app items simply for watching videos or engaging with ads, they are likely to have a better, richer app experience, which leads to more usage. …

Tapjoy’s newest Maximum Impact Report revealed users who watched 20+ videos in their first two weeks doubled their average sessions over the next 30 days.

In case you missed our latest Maximum Impact Report, the data shows that rewarded videos bring a whole lot more value to mobile apps beyond the direct revenue they generate. There’s the profound impact on in-app spend, which, as we detailed in part one of our blog series, increases by as much as 8x for users who watch a lot of rewarded videos. And then there’s the impact on retention, which we’ll describe in a future blog post. But for now, let’s examine the effect rewarded ads have on user sessions and overall engagement.

To quickly recap, our Maximum Impact…


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