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Slack groups help me find the audiences that I can discuss my next project with, gathering valuable product insights and early adopters

So a big part of Product Development is to Build, Measure & Learn — This is something that I have to do with StartupMill as I have a lot of ideas which I need to validate before I spend time on them.

The way I’ve found I can do this by finding the niche communities, such as this one, but using Slack.

Why Slack is good for this? Well there’s a number of reasons:

- Users that are part of these communities are typically highly engaged
- Because of this engagement level, you’ll often find early adopters
- These early adopters will…

How I can give back during this COVID19 period

COVID19 is destroying a lot of jobs, cancelling project, ending contracts and it’s heavily impacting the freelance world.

The result is that a large number of freelancers are now losing their jobs.

I started to see a lot of tweets and facebook posts regarding projects being cancelled.

So I thought I would try to help and bring people’s attention to this and create a small, but dedicated site that could help connect great freelancers looking for work and companies that are hiring.

This is why I launched — helping freelancers to connect with companies hiring.

The Name

I wanted something simple…

Tips on how best to use these three tools together after a few months of errors and mistakes.

I’ve been using Integromat, Airtable & Webflow extensively for the last few months and make a LOT of mistakes.

If I reflect back on my initial use of these tools, I wasn’t bad, just not great and came up with some best tips which could help you avoid these mistakes.

Here are my top 10 tips on how to work with these three tools together:

Use a clear naming convention across all tools

Stick to a naming convention, simple as that. This makes the searching and matching of fields a lot easier when you are across different systems. …

These tips are here to help you make your next journeys a little bit safer and easier for you, as the spread of coronavirus seems unstoppable. (officially known as COVID-19)

Severely limit your travels

Probably the easiest tip of them all — simply limit your travel. Sounds counterintuitive for a pro-mobility startup like Skipr to say that, yet we’re here to be your co-pilot and we wouldn’t want you to get ill.

That being said, if you find yourself in dire need to travel due to business or to see your loved ones, then please limit this as much as possible or change to use alternative modes of travel which doesn’t make you go through major connecting nodes such as airports.

Limit physical contact

Quite a tricky thing to do. As you move, you will be unconsciously…

Find vehicles around you. Book them immediately. Move faster. Try it with Jump, Dott & Poppy!

With the ‘Near Me’ Feature, we’re giving you a quick and easy new way of finding different means of transport near you.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Near Me, it’s a tool that lets you see different modes of transport from providers like Jump, Poppy and Dott within a 5 minute walking distance. We also show available bikes and shared cars within a 15 minute walking distance. You will see this feature evolve in the future with new providers, the ability to filter vehicles and more.

Direct Booking of Poppy Cars, eSteps and Bikes

To help you go even faster, you can directly book your Poppy vehicle through the eStep. Doing so is very easy: find the vehicle you wish to book and tap on the icon…

I made one simple change to how I manage my inbox

I get a lot of emails — Like a lot!

If I leave my inbox unchecked, I’ll easily get to 1000+ emails in a couple of day.

The result is that I started missing opportunities, introductions and important messages.

These emails would get lost in the swap of newsletters, notifications, alerts and whatever other transactional email I would receive due to some action or inaction on my part.

While I’ve been hearing a lot about SuperHuman, I’ve been thinking to myself, there’s got to be a better way to manage my inbox.

I’m a massive fan of sorting emails…

This is the story as to how I saw a clear gap in the market and took advantage of it to build a venture that serves a upcoming niche.

I was a year and a half into building Holograms when I my contract was up for renewal. While a potential renewal was on the cards, it was going through some slow red tape which always takes time.

In this moment, I wondered — where can I find jobs that are targeted to my passion for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality?

The short answer was nowhere.

The long answer, well its complicated.

Typical job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster exist, but aren’t exhaustive. They do provide a good roles to start off with, but really you have to…

Building ventures and learning all at the same time

I’m writing this article to get this off my chest — To explain to others why I have a drive in my to create products and why I love to do this. I hope this might inspire others with the same ambitions as me to build their dream. This is for you.

I’ve been producing & product managing software pretty much all my life.

I started early, way early. When I was 14, I was working on helping out some projects like PakRat (which to my amazement is actually still downloadable.) It was a tool to view the content of .pak files for the Quake engine. At the time when Quake 3 was coming out. Yes, before you ask, I was the odd one out at school for doing something like this. …

We believe that the immersive community is exactly that, a community, one that is amazing, genuine, nascent and booming. Yet sometimes it’s a little hard to understand where to find people that share the same passion as yours.

To help you connect, chat and maybe even find work, we have listed out the top immersive slack groups.

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Immersive Technology’s Hidden Crisis

The Immersive technology industry, including Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology, is booming according to analysts, yet most are missing two key red flags that underlie the entire industry: talent & skills.

Either way you look at it, analysts predict a huge amount of spend in the industry. At the bottom end of the spectrum, Goldman Sachs sees a minimum of $80b by 2025, in the middle, ABI Research predicts the market will hit $100b by 2020, with the top end IDC sees upwards of $143b by 2020.

While the spend is increasing, the industry is…

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