This is not a guide on how or why you should play Axie Infinity. I stumbled into the rabbit hole off Axie a couple of months ago, and I can imagine from an outside perspective spending thousands on wannabe Pokemon can look a little insane.

This is me trying to…

I got this question a lot of the during the most of my sabbatical, my honest answer was, ‘I have no idea’.

I had a whole conversation about it, a couple of months ago with a friend on my podcast.

However over the last months my answer has changed to, ‘I think I am’.

Maybe being happy is just as simple as taking care of yourself.

I started actively focus on myself…

A getaway that gets you ready for what’s next.

It is hard to make big leaps or meaningful changes, in our lives and career. We are so busy at all times, that we lose track of the bigger picture.

That’s why I took a year off to reset and reflect…

Found this work by Shepard Fairey while exploring.

It’s the first month into my year-long sabbatical and so far I have been pretty busy.

  • Sleeping and decompressing
  • Tying up some old projects.
  • Spend some time visiting friends in NYC & Toronto.
  • Started learning to make podcasts (recorded 3 in two weeks).
  • Trying to figure out with this sabbatical…

Ever since I left university, my life has been one big roller coaster ride. I had some great adventures and worked with amazing people all over the world — from a nowhere town in Belgium to New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.

For years I have been promising myself that…

I only started a month ago exploring the world of the crypto currencies. Here are some practical things I learned on my journey.

This post is perfect for when you have no idea what is going on. All the information I wish I had before I started.

How do you…

This was the envelope of the invitation we sent out. Funny story, we managed to spell Schuman wrong on it.

This post is part of my Behind The Scenes series. <<Start with BTS#1

Aloft, a hotel that is a part of the Starwood group, approached us to host an Instameet, a meet-up for Instagrammers, to meet the people behind the pictures at their hotel in Brussels.

Instameet was one of…

Ticket to ride is actually a pretty fun game. Feel free to play it with me if you don’t mind losing :D.

For me winning is a state of mind, same as losing. If you don’t care about losing something small, you will also allow yourself to be ok with losing big.

I love winning. Doesn’t matter if it is a game, an important business deal or just a workout.

The fact…

I think this is one of the few times ever I lifted weights, definitely not my thing.

This post is part of my Behind The Scenes series. <<Start with BTS#1

The first step towards having your dream job is to figure out what your “thing” is.

Your true passion, something you wouldn’t mind losing sleep over, that one “thing” you wake up for that keeps you motivated…

Me in front of the Berlin wall, just life happening.

Working as a talent developer gave me a lot of insight, and behind the scenes experience which I would love to share, as those insights also might be valuable for you.

  • It would show you magic doesn’t exist. …

Toon Carpentier

Talent Developer currently at a one year sabbatical - Pushing people to make the most of their talent. Contact :

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