Exporting European writers and music producers to the rest of the word.

I am beyond excited, to finally officially to announce Hatch Publishing.

A Belgian music publishing venture I founded in a partnership with Cloud 9 music.

The distinction between a music label and a music publisher is a little…

This is not a guide on how or why you should play Axie Infinity. I stumbled into the rabbit hole off Axie a couple of months ago, and I can imagine from an outside perspective spending thousands on wannabe Pokemon can look a little insane.

This is me trying to…

I got this question a lot of the during the most of my sabbatical, my honest answer was, ‘I have no idea’.

I had a whole conversation about it, a couple of months ago with a friend on my podcast.

However over the last months my answer has changed to, ‘I think I am’.

Maybe being happy is just as simple as taking care of yourself.

I started actively focus on myself…

A getaway that gets you ready for what’s next.

It is hard to make big leaps or meaningful changes, in our lives and career. We are so busy at all times, that we lose track of the bigger picture.

That’s why I took a year off to reset and reflect…

Toon Carpentier

Talent Developer currently at a one year sabbatical - Pushing people to make the most of their talent. Contact : toon@tooncarpentier.com

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