How Could You Receive EasyJet Compensation?

You can get the full information about how to get easyJet compensation in the article below. There are some useful tips and tricks to save your time and money.
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EasyJet Compensation: Promises and Nothing More?

Jack was traveling from Madrid to Oslo. He chose the easyJet as they offered the best price/quality correlation on this way. When he arrived at the airport, he was informed that his flight is canceled. Fortunately, he had enough time to get the destination differently. However, Jack wanted to get his money for tickets back and also to receive compensation.

The company representative assured Jack that the flight was delayed because of the situation which was not under the airline’s control. Jack was told that everything happened because of bad weather and strikes, but he knew that other flights to Oslo were not canceled. He was surprised because of lots difficulties he faced.

His friend recommended him to use They provide Flight Compensation Calculator which can be used to calculate the amount of money you should get from the airline, for example from easyJet. To get this information you should note the details about your flight which is written in your boarding pass or flight itinerary.

Could You Feel Safety Under EU261 Protection?

There is special legislation to protect your rights as an airline passenger. In European Union countries it is called EU261. All the European airlines should act according to these laws. The EU261 compensation easyJet claims that every passenger should get the compensation for more than 3 hours of a flight delay.

The essential airline passengers’ rights include the possibility to get free of charge two calls or emails, food, and refreshments in needed quantity, transfers to hotel and accommodation if required. If your flight is canceled you should be re-routed or receive your money for the tickets back and also you can claim to get the compensation.

EasyJet Flight Delay Compensation Which You Should Receive

Barbara should be in Paris as soon as possible due to household problems. She bought tickets on the nearest plane. She was extremely disappointed when the airline worker told about the flight delay. When Barbara finally got to Paris the arrival time was 4 hours later than it was expected to be.

She claimed for flight delay compensation, and the struggle began. The easyJet representatives assure her that they sent money, but she has not got any still. However, she should get an easyJet delayed flight compensation finally.

What does it mean ‘a flight delay’? Not every flight delay should be provided with compensation. According to legislation, you should get compensation if the expected arrival time is more than 3 hours. In such case, you should fill the claim and send it to the airline. You can do this in two ways. The first is to claim to the airline, for example to easyJet, directly.

You should be prepared for dealing with airlines jargon and be persistent and calm. The other way is to use services which will do all the work instead of you. For example, you can provide all the information about your flight to, and they will deal with the easyJet and do everything for you.

EasyJet Flight Cancellation Compensation: How to Get One

There are two options if your flight is canceled. You can be re-routed with the nearest trip with free places. The other way is to get money for tickets back. In both modes, you should get compensation according to EU261.

However, there are some cases when you are not eligible to get the compensation. There are no lots of them. They are the weather emergency, the political unrest, the employers strike and security risks.

To check the eligibility for getting the compensation, you can use special services such as They also offer help with filling the claim and dealing with the airlines.

Some passengers had problems with getting easyJet flight cancellation compensation during the previous year. In some cases, the company assured that the cancellation causes were not under their control. Some passengers were convinced that the money was sent, but they did not get any and had to claim again and again.

What should you do if your flight is canceled? Firstly, you should contact easyJet representatives. They should provide you with the full list of your fundamental rights, and it does not matter which is the cancellation reason. Then they should offer you to be re-routed or to get your money back.

EasyJet Tricks: Are They Still Reliable?

Easyjet are not very happy when they have to pay compensation for delayed flights or flight cancellations. They can use some tricks to avoid payments. As you see in Jack story, they just explained that all the things happened because of circumstances which were not under their control.

However, other flights in that way were not canceled. So, Jack could spend a lot of time dealing with the easyJet, but he used which saved his time and nerves.

Barbara had problems with easyJet too. Her flight was canceled. She tried to deal with those circumstances herself but unfortunately. Barbara sent them to claim after claim again and again. Every time she got the answer that easyJet are ready to ship her the flight delay compensation or even they had sent it already. However, it took almost two years to get the compensation.

As you see, easyJet can check your patience level delaying the payment as long as possible. The airlines’ services also are protected by the law. They should not pay the compensation in cases when the circumstances of delaying or cancellation of the flight were not under their control. However, you could not be sure about that every time and should trust the airline.

Should You Contact EasyJet Directly or Not?

Barbara contacted easyJet directly. She got tons of emails with different explanations and excuses. She wrote again and got one more promise in return. EasyJet was guilty, but it took a long time to get eligible compensation. The easyJet compensation policy is quite questionable. You can not just to fill the easyJet delay claim form because you should remind about your problems every time you get an email and do not get the payment. To save time, money and nerves, you should use special services which do all for you. They know how to deal with airlines more effectively.

Jack tried to deal with easyJet himself. After the first unsuccessful attempt, he was recommended to use This is a unique service which deals with airlines in cases when passengers should be paid compensation.

This service also provides an option to check if you are eligible to get compensation and you too can calculate how much money you should receive. It took about two weeks to get the compensation for the canceled flight. During this time Jack did not care about that unpleasant accident and lived his ordinary life. All that he should do was provide details about his trip and wait.


  • How long does a flight have to be delayed for compensation?

First of all, you should know that under the delay time it is the arrival time lateness. If you arrive at your destination at least 3 hours later than you announced to come, you should claim for compensation. These rules are written in EU261 legislation. Moreover, you should be eligible to get the compensation according to the same laws.

  • What is EU261 compensation?

EU261 compensation is that kind of payment you should get if your flight is delayed or canceled. To get it you should fill the claim form and send it to the airline. This can be done in two ways by communicating the airline directly or with the help of special services. According to these laws, the compensation can reach up to 600 Euro.

  • Can I get compensation for canceled flight?

Yes, you can get compensation for a canceled flight. You should write a claim with all your booking details to do that. There are only a few reasons when you can not get the compensation. They are political unrest, weather emergency, strikes of the airport staff or planes’ crew and security risks.

  • Can I bring a handbag on easyJet?

Yes, you can bring a handbag on easyJet. However, there are some rules for bags. You should transport it easily in hands so it should not be burdensome. They also check the size as well as the weight of the handbag. It should not be bigger than 56x45x25cm including wheels and handles.

  • Can I take a duty-free bag on easyJet?

Yes, you can take a duty-free bag on easyJet. However, they claim that you can carry a handbag or a bag with duty-free goods on easyJet free of charge. This makes possible for additional shopping in the duty-free area. You should remember that the weight of the packet should be such that you can bring it in your hands.