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If you want to know everything about Airhelp company, you are on the right page. Read the airhelp reviews, and you will find answers to all your questions.

What Is Airhelp and What Can You Find Here?

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Airhelp deals with the passenger rights, first of all. Many people do not know about their rights as travelers. In EU there are 85% of air passengers and even more in the USA, 92% of the passengers. Different countries have various rights, but they should have something in common. For example, these are the laws which protect the rights of the air passengers. These laws support the passengers and advocate for some compensation if needed. Airhelp reviews are made to make your life easier.
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The Airhelp provides the up-to-date information with the latest changes about the travelers’ rights. We help the freshmen as well as the expert travelers. We aim to explain to you all of the laws in the best way. So you will know what should you do to get the compensation and what should the air company do. If you experience one or more of the following situations, missed connections, flight delay, denied boarding, flight cancellation or baggage problems, we are ready to help you. You can contact us directly or use our application. It is user-friendly, and you will quickly find there any information. So far, we have helped millions of travelers.

‘Justice-as-a-Service’ for all our customers is our motto. Various countries have various laws, but they have some key points in common. These are important for travelers. Besides, there are special laws for air passengers. They include but not limited to EU legislation EC261, various US laws, and the Montreal Convention.

How the Airhelp Review Can Help You?

If you are looking for airhelp compensation, you are on the right page. For the beginning, you should know a little bit about the legislation for air passengers. The rules vary according to the laws. For example, the US laws are not as advanced as the EU laws are, but still, they can help if you have problems with the denied boarding or luggage problems. The EU laws are more comprehensive than others.

The EC261/2004 holds airlines financially accountable when it is presumed that the airlines are guilty. The main aim of this law is to protect the passengers’ rights. Depending on your knowledge of passengers’ rights, ultimate destination, flight scenario and filling a claim you can get up to 600 Euro reimbursement per flight. We do not charge travelers to fill out the claim. The Airhelp help to deal with professional jargon and flight details. The Montreal Convention is accepted by 120 nations, including the US and EU. It is about the compensations for flight disruptions and other passengers’ rights. The Montreal Convention also generously regard baggage problems.

Check your compensation | AirHelp

However, sometimes there are extraordinary circumstances in which the passenger will not get the compensation. These situations are not under the control of the airlines’ companies, so they are not guaranteed by laws. The list of such cases is not so long. Strikes initiated by airport employees or air traffic control, security risks, political unrest, and inclement weather.

Anyway, we offer you to use our program to find out which kind of compensation you can get. The check form includes just four steps:

  • The first step: eligibility check
    You should fill some cells. You should point to the place you are departed from and the final destination. Moreover, if you have any connecting flights, you should mention that. You have no risk of filling this form because it is entirely free of charge.
  • The second step: additional information
    If your claim passes the eligibility check, you should provide more details about your flight. The section additional information is here for you.
  • The third step: documents
    Some documents about your flight are needed.
  • The fourth step: finish
    The last level is about successful filling your claim.

What loyal customers report about the service:

Wendy White:

I admire this service. Everything worked nice. As the Airhelp promises, I got the refund for my delayed flight. It was easy. I sent them all the information about my trip and they did everything. The return came after a few weeks, but it worthed to wait. A fantastic service, I would recommend it to everyone.

Lamont Armstrong:

After my flight to London was canceled I was looking for airhelp compensation. There were many difficulties with rules and documents; I was happy to find the Airhelp. I filled the form using my smartphone. They kept in contact with me providing up to date information. When my claim was approved, it takes some time money to land my account.

Jordan Peacock:

Firstly, I contact the airline company directly. My flight from New York had a 12 hours delay. However, they refused to give me compensation. I was disappointed, but one day I found Airhelp reviews and decided to try that service. I filled the claim, and they answered very fast to my request, and in 6 weeks the money was in my bank account. They are user-friendly and easy to communicate. The results of their work is incredible, thanks so much.

Shannon Lyons

I had a flight delay, so I was in a bad mood. I thought I could do nothing with that, but suddenly I saw an article about rights to compensation for air passengers. There was an article about EU laws. I look through the mechanisms and found the airhelp add a review. Nothing to lose and I tried to use it. The Airhelp was very useful and did all the work instead of me. I filled out the claim, provide additional information about my flight, and after that they contacted me. I got up to date information, and after a month the airline company returned me a compensation.

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