Adopt a family — Milestone 1 reached!

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Today is a great day for this project — Adopt a family 
(see here for more information about this project)
Simón and Me (Fabian) can proudly announce that today 
this project reaches a big milestone!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ We can support one more family with this project ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks to some very generous donations from our beloved friends and dear followers out of the Banano-community (Thompsano and some more) and a personal friend of mine (Multifolio) this project is able to support another family!!

After recently having two Christmas events in the last weeks
(see here both articles: article one, article two)
and reaching more than 100 PEOPLE directly with a free lunch in Venezuela, we are now able to support our second family.

We are especially proud to announce, that with this new family we get some very strong and also the youngest supporter of the project — meet Simón (Yes, now we got a little and a big Simón) and his mother Carla.

Simón is only 32 days old and is one of the youngest person on earth, whose life is affected by cryptocurrencies.
Isn’t that great?! Reaching persons in all ages, in all social groups, with or without knowledge of this project! This is truly a crypto miracle at Christmas time.

Simón and I say a big thank you to all of your who made this happen and wish you a lovely time with your family and beloved ones at Christmas time. Together we’re making a change! Together we are “Adopt a family”.

…………….. Merry Christmas to all of you ………….…