Food distribution via cryptocurrency in childcare center in Venezuela

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Dear beloved community,

today we wanna celebrate with you our latest food distribution campaign (No 4), we were able to do thanks to the very very big and generous support from YOU, our “Adopt a Family” community.

Thank you very much for ALL your DONATIONS — no matter what size.
Thanks to you eager and good hearted people, we reached our funding target quickly and even overshoot it.

This time was different with our events so far.
(You can see it HERE and HERE and HERE)
The previous food distributions had taken place in the streets of Caracas.
Randomly people who ran into us got their share, got some knowledge about this project and surely a good portion of fun, along with a nice and free lunch.

This time we have been to the “Hogar Bambi” childcare Center in Caracas.

The “Hogar Bambi” childcare center is home for up to 110 children in all ages.
After contacting them they hightly about our campaign and the support this project will give them into this hard times.

Especially the children suffer during these years of great depression, hyper inflation and beside this, one of the greatest humanitarian crisis in South America.

Due to regulations of the childcare center to protect their kids, we were only advised to take some photos of kids in the group of 7–14 years old.

Let’s come to the distribution facts:
60.000 Bananos were our funding target as seen above on official poster.

90.000 Bananos and
26 NANOs
This equals at days of donation an equivalent of $90 USD.

70.000 Bananos and 10 NANOs were used for distribution campaign.
The remaining funds are stored in ledger for later use like weekly support or (a little glimpse into upcoming news) adopting more families.

Absolutely amazing!
This made us able to buy:
20 kilos of tangerines, 22 kg of bananas, 3 kg of cheese and 11 bags of breads.

But…. just see for yourself in pictures…

The richest trunk with vitamines at all! :-)

Our community members Lilo and Sebas (who also helped and managed former distributions campaigns) were the main drivers in Caracas, to buy everything and prepare little bags with cheese-sandwiches, tangerines and bananas for the kids.
A lot of them! Remember? — 110 kids.

Lilo and Sebas then drove to childcare center and present them the prepared food, all of our donators were paying for ❤

It was a big fun for them — the kids as well as for Lilo, Sebas and the employees at care center.

Doing something for kids, our smallest and most innocent humans, is especially a very heartwarming situation and have the biggest effect onto their lives.

Cryptocurrency will grow and people will adept it more and more.
All the chances and possible benefits arise with this adoption will lead to mayor improvements for people, who are e.g. victim of their financial decisions of their countries. Especially kids will play a mayor roll, seeing this new currency as a given instrument for paying daily needs, like cash, and have the smallest hurdles to overcome prejudices about it or feeling uncomfortable using it.

We, Lilo, Sebas, Simón and I (Fabian) wanna say a BIG THANK you to all of you. We all are a strong, growing community who changes peoples life since August 2018.
All of this made possible with your help!

Lilo, Lilo’s mom, Sebas, Simón and I.