Now that you’ve gotten Your Map all set up, it’s time to dive into creating some Categories for Your Places and Events.

Step One: Create a Category

Getting started is a snap! Just click on the word Categories in the left sidebar Menu, and you’ll be taken to this screen:

Click Add Category and you’re ready for Step Two.

Step Two: Design Your Custom Categories

The Categories Administration panel has a few important variables. Here’s a primer on what each of them do:

Group: This field will pre-fill with your group, so no need to worry about this field for now.
Title: The name of Your Category that will show up in the Place/Event Filters on the map.
Code: Choose a 3-digit code that will identify this Category, in case you have similarly titled Categories.
Color: Choose the color you’d like for all the icons in this Category.
Tag: Additional description for the Category.
Description: Ignore this for now.
Type: Choose between Place and Event.
: Choose the Icon you’d like to represent his Category. Choose from our library of Icons, or upload your own. All uploads must be in .PNG, square, with a transparent background. An incredible resource for finding free .PNG icons is FlatIcon.
Trusted: Always click Trusted.

Now click Save and you’re done. Repeat for all additional Categories. Now let’s add some Places!