Win Thousands for Playing the World of Ether Beta

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When Beta opens to the public on 9/22/18, only Genesis, Etherian #00, will be discovered.

As Beta will not last past Sun type (levels 1–10), this means there will be 40 Etherians, numbers 01–40 for players to discover.

Players will be hatching, breeding, battling, and using Crystals, all without limit, as Beta is played for free with test ETH (Rinkeby), and not real ETH.

We will also adding one extra element: discovery rewards, paid out with real ETH.

As we’ve discussed, the first player to discover an Etherian, gets a Gold, which is the strongest possible version of that Etherian.

What we didn’t mention, however, is that a player is also going to receive ETH from us, just for being the first to discover an Etherian.

With this said, we have bounties on discovering all the Sun Etherians in Beta. The bounties add up to $10,000, and on Main Net, the discovery bounties will be even greater.

The Beta Rewards

Here are the bounties for Etherians 01–40 on Beta:

1–21: $20

22: $110

23: $110

24: $110

25: $150

26: $110

27: $110

28: $110

29: $110

30: $110

31: $110

32: $240

33: $400

34: $400

35: $400

36: $400

37: $400

38: $400

39: $800

40: $5,000

How to Join

Playing the World of Ether Beta is easy!

All you need is the Metamask browser extension, and Test Net ETH. You can get Metamask for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera right here, and we have a guide on how to quickly get Test Net ETH at the bottom of this post.

If you have any other questions, we’re always active on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, and you can usually get your questions answered in just a few minutes.

We’ll see you in Beta on September 22nd. Good luck exploring!

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