Mary Shelley — #100FavouriteAuthors

The horror marathon continues

Well, WOW.

She would’ve probably screamed today — Frankenstein is NOT the creature’s name!

Our horror marathon continues with the lady who created Dr. Frankenstein, who created that tragic (nameless) monster. Frankenstein is probably the bleakest monster story I’ve ever read — page after page you are taking down into an abyss, never to return from it. You feel anger at Frankenstein’s actions, while pitying the monster. It’s a book I’ve read only once, but I can’t read again. I don’t need to — I still remember it vividly.

Mary Shelley also wrote an interesting post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel…

Way back in 1826! Titled ‘The Last Man’, it features a series of historical figures trying to survive a world set in a time period towards the end of the 21st century (the one we’re in now). I happened to stumble across a 615-page pdf of the book a few years earlier (read it here), and while it’s a lot different than what you’d expect from modern day apocalyptic science fiction, I think Mary Shelley might have laid the foundation for the genre at the very least. Do read it when you get the time! It took me about 3 years.

That’s my favourite author #15. Probably an underrated name in the science fiction genre, not just horror.


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