A Whole-Systems Transformation

A collective choice in a fleeting window of unprecedented opportunity

The Fifth Sacred Thing by Jessica Perlstein
The unsustainability of the world means that change must happen, and that it cannot be piecemeal and superficial. The future can no longer be a simple continuation of the past; it will have to be fundamentally different.
~ Ervin Laszlo

A whole-systems transformation can be likened to a cultural metamorphosis that manifests through the overwhelming (vast majority) support from all peace-loving people, all over the planet.

“Excuse me, have we reached Critical Mass yet?”

Today millions of people are already consciously experiencing the metamorphosis at the personal level as an awakening of (unity)consciousness. Within this collective field there is a growing sensing that we have reached a critical mass of people who are ready/ willing/ ripe/ yearning to transition into a new paradigm. (I also refer to this critical mass as The Global Transformation Movement)

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute scientifically quantified critical mass at 10% stating:

When 10% of the population are deeply committed to an idea then that idea will always get adopted by the rest of society.

While there are also numerous theories for 100th monkey-type-quantum-leaps-in-collective-consciousness-scenarios that estimate tipping points at 144,000 people to 1% — 5% of the entire population, the field of consciousness is far less measurable and tangible than an actual idea or intention to which everybody can say yes, no or maybe.

Thus, in recognition of the widespread acceptance that the scientific method has acquired, let us speculate that there are 750 million people ready/ willing/ ripe/ amped to co~create what Eckhart Tolle and many others call a “New Earth”.

Firstly, we should note that until the 10% have actually agreed on the idea / intention / vision that they are committed to, there can be no critical mass effect.

And secondly, even if there is an agreement internally, unless the idea / intention / vision is publicly declared to the other 90%, again, critical mass cannot take effect.

To bring this hypothesis full circle we arrive at the key question:

“How can we, the 750 million people who are deeply committed to co~creating a New Earth, become aware of and publicly declare ourselves as a unified collective?”

To persuade or rather, inspire alignment throughout the movement, through Global Solutions Day we are experimenting with the unifying element of solutions. Solutions are both the most visible common ground within the critical mass— every individual and collective within the 10% is being, living and/or co~creating one or more solutions. And solutions provide the practical evidence and inspiration to the world for how we can co~create a New Earth.

Thus, if we can actualise a means through which 750 million people can visibly express our commitment to the rest of the world (eg. collectively calling in/out google and facebook to facilitate global polls that are well within their immediate capacity), while providing a gob-smacking abundance of pragmatic and common sense steps on how to get there, perhaps we won’t have to make any further effort to inform the other 90%.

At this spectacular threshold in human evolution, where our very survival as a species is at stake, where “playing by the rules” has had little to no effect on altering our accelerating trajectory towards self-extinction, we are literally forced to think and act outside-all-of-the-boxes. We are compelled to explore new realms of systemic disruption and non-violent civil disobedience. We are commanded to gather and focus our energy into creating the new, as opposed to fighting or fixing the old. And we are called to play and to experiment to the fullest extent that our collective intelligence, resources and co~creativity will allow.

Clearly, if we are to realise a culture of wise and humble cooperation then there will need to be a critical mass (perhaps initiated by a critical mass within a critical mass within a critical mass…) that will lead by example and grow on the basis of integrity, trust and inspiration.

By walking the path we make it visible for others.
~ Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.
Creative Transformations by Linda Gadbois

Transitioning by design and unprecedented cooperation

To invite, inspire, coordinate and communicate our critical mass and, consequently, our (unified) collective potential of a planetary cultural metamorphosis our supreme and indispensible (like it or not) tool and medium of choice is the Internet.

For humanity to consciously and gently emerge from our collective chrysalis will require unprecedented levels of unity and wise cooperation.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said “Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war.” and Buckminster Fuller said “The best way to predict the future is to design it.”

To coordinate and navigate a peaceful, seamless and joyful transition from all our current old-world and corrupted systems, and all its unsustainable or undesirable physical manifestations — at this scale — is unprecedented throughout all of human history. To many it will initially seem like an impossible or impossibly complex task. (For predictable systemic resistance see FAQs — link coming soon).

For this purpose we are helping to gather an emergent global network of “evolutionary social architects” who are emotionally mature, highly skilled and deeply passionate about co-designing The Great Transition that invites and includes all of humanity.

In various virtual and in-person clusters certain architects have already begun sharing, synthesizing, designing and co-creating global-to-local systemic and organisational (for institutions, schools, businesses etc.) transition pathways that inherently adapt to local and collective needs, desires and conditions while simultaneously benefitting the whole.

These pathways include principles, practices, tools, models, technologies and guidance / mentorship that together with local populations form generative action-learning / living and evolving “organisms” that promote and support the wellbeing of all humanity, our fellow creatures and our natural environment.

The pattern language that these evolutionary blueprints point to is a synergistic (win-win) integration of numerous systems and solutions within other systems and solutions that form a planetary holarchy of people, projects, partnerships, communities of practice and networks (from food rescuers to the Zapatistas, from permaculture design to systemic transition design etc.) that “self-organise” through resonance, passion and skills-based orientation and engagement, and an agreed upon meta-architecture.

Radical change can come in two ways. Either from a breakdown or a breakthrough. The breakdown is already happening. And our window to realise a breakthrough is rapidly coming to an end. We know that our breakthrough scenario depends heavily on our capacity to rise above our ideological differences and to cooperate for our common vision. We are many who are ready for a system change. Now is the time to unify the billions of people who want it with the millions of people who have really good ideas about how we can do it.

As evolutionary visionaries and pioneers we perceive a possible activation for our cultural metamorphosis to be through a collective choice that humanity declares to itself.

It is the choice for peace, for love, for equality, for freedom, for cooperation, for sharing, for honesty, for compassion, for forgiveness, for healing and for celebrating All of Life.

It is the choice to regenerate our natural environment and to honour Her as a Sacred Living Being.

It is the choice to offer our children and our future generations a world that reflects our universal values and our co~creative human potential.

It is the choice that each of us must and will make simply because its avoidance implies self-extinction.

The age of nations has passed. Now, unless we wish to perish, we must shake off our old prejudices and build the Earth… The day is not far distant when humanity will realize that biologically it is faced with a choice between suicide and adoration.
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
A poem for our Great Unification

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