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Is Humor Sexy? Science Says Yes

When was the last time you successfully wooed by a funny pick-up line?

It’s probably been a long time—if ever. But according to science…

How to Press Pause on Your Addictive Behaviors

Change is hard. When you're trying to alter a long-standing behavior pattern, such as drinking (or smoking, overeating, shopping), it is

Why Do High-Powered Women Minimize Their Success When Dating?

Do you find that some men are too intimidated by your success, and career ambitions? Maybe these aren’t the kind of men

How Good Grammar Is Good For Your Relationship

Finding the love of your life in cyberspace is hard. These 6 grammatical missteps could make it even harder. Find out how being Ms. “Write

Money-Saving Mom: How We Paid Cash for Our House

My husband and I were both blessed with parents who taught us the value of hard work and financial stewardship from the time we were…

Happy New Year of the Horse: Our Favorite Equine Books

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Horse begins Jan. 31, so what better time to celebrate some of our favorite books about

How to Blend Stepfamilies into a New Family Unit

People often think they can resolve difficult “blending” issues by spending a lot of time with the entire new family together, but this

Coping With A Loved One’s Addiction Through Acceptance

Acceptance helps. And it doesn’t mean approving, giving up, or detaching; it means recognizing things for what they are. It’s a

Choosing a Great Online Username Is Like Writing a Hit Song

What’s in a name? A lot. A username is the first thing your potential match reads. Learn 5 easy tips to make yours memorable

Remarrying? Time to Bare All (Financially Speaking)

Miscommunication about money can doom a marriage. Here are the financial details to share before the ring. From The Remarriage

5 Ways to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Reality

Don’t let New Year’s resolutions overwhelm you; it’s OK to have a lofty goal if you have a little bit of organization surrounding it

Know Thyself: Take a New Look to Set New Year's Goals

Traditionally, each New Year we reflect on where we are and where we’d like to be. This year, it may be useful to contemplate the

Gift Guide: What to Give, What Not to Give, and for Re-Gifters, How to Get Away Clean

No more scented candles! If we wanted our homes to smell like “Summer Rain” (with its sticky…

6 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

The weeks of December are spinning by like a snowflake on the wind, and here we are with a few lame, online sale purchases under our collective…

4 Ways to Have a Meaningful Holiday Season

Of course our holidays are madness. And as we are increasingly sucked into the parties, gift exchanges, pageants, and family gatherings, it…

Buy This, Not That: Why Buying an Experience Is Better Than Material Goods

Since humans are adaptive by nature, that hot new product will become old hat in about …3, 2, 1. Instead

Astrological Insights on Love

Excerpt from How Astrology can predict Love and Marriage

Astrological Codes for Love and Marriage

Why I wrote a Screenplay

Angelina Grey and the Journey Through Time and Space

I finally completed my first screenplay after 9 years. I originally started writing…


Why I became a Writer

My first book, My Jasmine Rose

The very first book I completed was because it was a work of love lost. When…

It Can Wait

Why Black Thursday Isn’t Worth It

Let me get straight to the point: I believe that it is wrong to turn our Thanksgiving holiday into another shopping day. Because of this, neither I, nor my immediate family, will not be taking advantage of any discount sales this week, even if it costs us more.

Time for a disclaimer or two: I want to…

Why I Chose to be Childless

I am a 44 year old guy who is going through his second divorce. My ex left while I was at work, and while I’m sure she thought it would surprise me, it didn’t. Our marriage was on the rocks for a while, so I was more relieved than surprised. She had 3 adult children from a previous marriage and had told me that she wished she hadn’t had children. My first wife…

Holiday Shopping: How Much Is Too Much?

When my husband Scott and I adopted a “less is more” lifestyle, the holidays changed–for the better, for the whole family.

The Alternative Christmas Gift guide

Buy one less gift for someone who doesn’t need it . Give the value of that gift to someone who does.

Why You Should (Really) Listen to Your Mother-in-Law

She might not cook, raise kids, entertain, dress, or express herself like you do, but she’s your husband’s mother, and different isn

Tips on Life and Love
Tips on Life and Love

Our expert authors are here to help! Friendly advice and how-to’s on dating, relationships, happy marriage, parenting, pets, career and personal finance, beauty and fashion, easy recipes, and more. Welcome!

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