A Programmer’s Tale

Stranger in a strange land.

Kimberly Kerwin

The Perfect Circle of a Stranger

Have you ever met someone that you can’t live without? I found myself in this same predicament and it is a silent…


Yes. This has to do with Software. Bear with me (or blame Adrian for saying this was a good idea).

What do we know about Stonehenge?

Why Facebook Debunked Princeton’s Study

And, How Their Debunking Was Also Flawed.

Facebook unfriended Princeton after a research study published on January 17…

Heartbleed Liberates Andy Warhol Digital Art

With the fragile security of the Heartbleed bug, no one is safe. Not even Andy Warhol. A set of images previously accessible to the fine art elite of the 1980’s, only on floppy disks, have now gone viral. Access to this digital art marks a silver lining in the Heartbleed phenomenon.

Someone’s Knocking at the Door

Patterns and Principles for Writing Better Code: Part I

Chances are the code you’re writing is horrible. I say this to you, not…

Blessed are the geek

The rise of the GEO (Geek Executive Officer)

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t. We…

Women in tech: Will the hackers please take charge?

Women should have better representation in technology, no doubt. But the conversation has gone all wrong.

The .Net Foundation: Too little, too late

Or why Microsoft’s recent Open Source announcements are likely to have very limited impact

Node.js in Hungary

A community in the making

For me, it all started with Tagmint, a wannabe startup with Peter. Clearly, it was a failure, but also source of great…

Wireless mouse tale

The story about one mouse and her friend 

A simple computer mouse once lived. We definetly know about her that it was a female mouse, but we dont’t know who was the manufacturer. She wasn’t the most advanced mouse, but she had the laser sensor and she even was wireless. In fact she didn’t live because she had no batteries. Batteries with the mouse…

WDI Week One.

Thrown into the deep end and loving it.

In an attempt to collect my thoughts, observations, and emotions while they are still fresh, I will break down…

Are ethical hackers the alchemists of our time?

The Masters of the binary revolution?

Far too many people still envision hackers as evil. The name hacker itself…

Taking the Hackathon Ethos, Finding Millennials and Driving Innovation in Unexpected Places  

Driving innovation in the Electronic Dance Music Scene by ‘mixing’ DJs…

The unlawful imprisonment of my mind

Or how patents changed the way I look at capitalism today

I have always supported Capitalism. Just like most other people…

Why it’s hard to find a Wordpress theme.

It seems they are designed for the designer and not the customer.

As a User Experience (UX) designer my job is to focus the core needs of the user interacting with the software/website. Recently I’ve decided to get back to designing and developing Wordpress sites for some friends. Many people I’ve interacted with…

A List of 28 Software Developers Under 20 on Twitter

28 People you should follow

I have had the pleasure of following a few iOS and web developers on twitter. For everyone, I thought it would be helpful to publish a list of the people I have found. GO follow them!

Me! :) kyle ryan ‏@kylry

Build Your Own Game (BYOG)

Highlighting the reasons why creating at least one game from scratch is important for developers in general and front-end web developers in…

Situational Programming — The Icarus Project

A Deep Space Adventure

Part One: Anti-matter
“IT’S COLD, DAMN IT! Yes the climate system’s…

שלום עולם!

ניסיון להשתמש בעורך הטקסט של מדיום.קום בעברית

את הטקסט הזה אני מצמיד ימינה בעזרת קונטרול+שיפט ימני. נראה אם יישאר שם

אני שם נקודה בסוף משפט, נראה איפה היא תהיה.

משלב אנגלית ב-TEXT

מייבא טקסט מעורך טקסט

משלב מספרים בטקסט 1,2,3,4.567

Noob to Ninja in 8 months

How I went from having zero programming experience to being a professional software developer in less than a year

Two years ago, I was fresh out of Northwestern University with an Economics degree in hand, stubbornly resisting the pressure to take a corporate job in consulting or finance like the rest of my graduating class…

Okay, Feminism, It’s Time We Had a Talk About Empathy

Growing up with autism is a never-ending series of lessons in how people without autism expect the rest of the world to relate to them. This goes double for those who — like me — went undiagnosed until adulthood: the instructions are far less explicit and the standards are higher. “Stop drumming your pencil, don’t you know you’re…

An Entrepreneurs fight for health

The 92lb Swing that changed my life.

One year ago I felt sick. It was more than being sluggish from 18 hour work days. More than…

Let’s Make a Quick Notepad App

For fleeting thoughts.

There is a plethora of note taking and personal management applications out there, obvious examples being…

A Programmer’s Tale
A Programmer’s Tale

Stranger in a strange land.

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