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“You have asked…’How high or how low are the spirit of us?’”

When the spiritual messengers of God said, “Give our words wings and let them go unto the world,” we tried. There are so many, we thought it would be good to see them all in one collection.

(1) A short introductory study —

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(2) TRANSCRIBED READINGS — The spiritual messengers of God, Aka, spoke through A. Ray Elkins’s unconscious body after he walked up a stairway to God, and they would enter. Here are the transcripts from 1970 to 1989 just as they were spoken.

An artist drew a stairway Ray Elkins climbed when he left his body, as he had upon dying, to stand with God. When Ray reached the top step, the spiritual messengers of God would come down and enter into his unconscious body to speak to man. This is the gift of love that was given.

(3) BOOKS — As Aka requested, we’re written them for you into many books, which Aka calls the Book with wings. (You’ll need to understand more about the cherub to see why they may have chosen this name to call their words.) As the spiritual messengers of God asked, we separated their messages into three collections: the philosophy, life and health readings. These are titled, Universal Philosophy, Angels Give a Glimpse through All Time (Books 1–2, and Angels “See our Needs”. All the parables from the philosophy are also gathered into two separate, beautifully illustrated series so you can enjoy teachings in the form of parables. Study either Angel Messages: Parables of Wisdom for the Thirsting Soul (Books 1–5) or Angels Tell Parables for Today (Books 1–17), which have the same parables in shorter ebooks. See…, or

For a easy way to see the books —

“New words shall be written upon the sky, but they must be written in men’s hearts first.” See

(4) VIDEOS AND AUDIO — Listen to some of their recorded words! One way you can know these are authentic is by the quality, as ordinary people learned how to use a tape recorder in the 1970s. They were not recorded in a studio on professional equipment, nor read by professional actors. Some may wisely recognize that this actually attests to the authenticity of these recordings. Listen to the audio tracks illustrated with inspiring pictures added later. You can also find them on our Facebook website here, under Videos. But there are more at Aka’s same recorded words are shared several other places: and Some soundtracks are on

The Words of Spiritual Messengers of God — and

Microphones partly block the face of spiritual messengers of God. Can you see them in the photo? Rays of infinite light and being shine down from the Father through all time and planes — through universes, galaxies and worlds beyond worlds — to enter in and speak to man. I took this photo in 1973 while I sat before them listening, feeling their vast, loving presence.

(5) WEBSITES — Explore the links on the Association of Universal Philosophy’s first website — Much of the information is still there. You may like to read a few of the prophecies we printed in the 1990s and see if you think they are coming true. One link to see is “What is the Association of Universal Philosophy” —

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“Give our words wings and let them go unto the world.”

(6) BLOGS — Some of Aka’s words are collected for you to read in an article on a topic. Here are our blogs and (with the same articles).

“A Tense Moment in the Cold War” in 1983 (Please help us find the web archive of this article) —

“We give you a rose without thorns.” (A rose without thorns is said to be the birth of or preparation for the coming of the Messiah.)


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“Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

“Seek and you shall find.”

“Open the door and we shall enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within you, each of you, for his coming. But from a mother’s womb, so shall he be born….”