African Makers

Inventors and ideas driving innovation around the continent

Folksy Gigs by Various Traditions

Open The Gate, Urban UK Audience, Cultural Exchange, Afro-Folk Performing Talent & Bridge Building

Learning, a measurably gratifying experience?

Motivated children, their parents, an off-grid learning environment, teachers and data literacy in Suleja

A Book of Perspectives on Film & Culture

Tiwa had never acted before nor had Ice-Prince. I went out of my way to cast them. First of all I could tell they could act…

Determining when my bus arrives?

I take the LAGBUS and the BRT, regularly so what? About 10,000 Lagosians do so every hour. LAGBUS and BRT are instantly recognisable features on Lagos…

Narrative Co-Makers As Agents

… engaging people with ideas across audience mediated environments.

By the time we read this piece I will either be preparing…

Travel Adventure of Madagascan Flavours

Imagine how a bar of Toasted Coconut (one out of the range of flavours illustrated above) might feel on taste palettes in Seoul, Nairobi, Oslo, Canberra…

A Definite Tune

Accumulation of a sound style and experiences — musical, technological, political, and cultural— shaping your musical views.

Scenographic Story Makers

Remoulding perception of African tales employing characterized environments.

Transnational Co-creativity 

Staging, making and re-purposing experiences with Joe Public, from Addis-Ababa, Nairobi to Drury Lane.

Page to Screen within a Complex Historical Context.

Romance and survival set against the backdrop of a fatricidal conflict @ Half of a Yellow Sun.

Participatory comparisons, 4 travel platforms.

What type of first hand knowledge should inform what is on offer to globally curious Afro-tourists? 

Shooting the breeze about cities

@ Nakasero about Kampala’s creative industries?

Unnie Wamala-Luwaga and myself were late to a reception at the British High…

Over-thinking a website redesign

Maybe not over-thinking. But this is how I managed to convince myself I designed the best personal website ever

It’s the new year and everyone is looking to a fresh start. For web designers, this is a good time to redesign personal websites and online portfolios, and that was what I set out to do.

MAKING is cultural atavism

Why the maker movement belongs in Rwanda

Making isn’t new. There is nothing revolutionary about people making tools to solve problems or…

Diaspora depiction of Solomon Northup’s life.

A three way discussion, about “12 Years A Slave” between Agnes Gitau, Mike McCahill and Ayodeji Alaka. 

Dear Ghana, We Have a Database Problem

Here’s what it is, and how we can fix it

The usual complaint in Ghana is usually of lack. A lack of resources, a lack of…

Don’t “Africa” Me

I am not a continent.

“Just landed in the beautiful country of Africa..I can tell you that the world is excited for #TheGifted,” tweeted Rick Ross on June 24th 2013.

In this era of globalization and the Internet, the man still thinks Africa is a country. We may point at our screens and laugh at him for displaying his ignorance, but…

Taking ‘flow’ time, to build deep and wide expertise.

Slow fixing value, in the eye-care value chain, across East Africa.

The life of interfaces 

International collaboration @ creative exchange hubs

What type of thinking informs the collective impact interfaces of cities, devices…

African Makers
African Makers

Inventors and ideas driving innovation around the continent

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