30 Signs of Emotional Trauma

Everyone Has Unresolved Trauma

Bryce Godfrey
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If you’re human, you have unresolved trauma.

You. Me. Your lover. My neighbor. And everyday people you see at coffee shops, on television and social media, have experienced trauma at least once in their lives.

Trauma isn’t limited to war veterans and victims of physical abuse.

Other forms of trauma:

  • Disapproving, neglectful, or suffocating parents
  • Unrealistic societal values we compare ourselves by (fame, beauty, athleticism)
  • Bullying from siblings or peers
  • Breakup or divorce
  • Rejection
  • Failed scholastic test
  • Misinformation from blogs, videos, social media, marketers, and influencers
  • Diagnoses from doctors or therapists

Signs & Symptoms of Trauma

If you notice one or multiple signs of trauma, don’t beat yourself up. Again, we all have wounds that haven’t been given proper attention. But we can’t heal what we’re unaware of. Use this list as a signpost, a compass and map directing you on your healing journey.

30 Signs & Symptoms of Trauma:


2.Panic attacks

3.Guilt, shame, self-hate

4.Beliefs of lack or inadequacy

5.Feeling helpless or victimized

6.Blame or playing the victim

7.Withdrawal from others or places you believe will trigger you

8.Lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities

9.Inability to focus

10.Disassociation or daydreaming

11.Loss of memory

12.Feeling numb or like a “non-person”


14.Controlling or possessive


16.Easily angered

17.Mood swings



20.Edginess or agitation

21.Obsessive and compulsive tendencies

22.Bipolar, ADHD, and other mental disorder diagnoses

23.Phobias and fear of future events

24.Being startled easily


26.Fatigue and exhaustion

27.Sexual dysfunction

28.Muscle tension

29.Loss of appetite

30.Addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, social media, television exercising, etc.

How to Heal Trauma

If I were to suggest how to heal trauma (which I did here and here) in this article it would be the size of a novel.

But if I had to summarize the previously mentioned articles it would be to be kinder to yourself for compounded shame is the cause of all 30 signs of trauma.

The other forms of trauma (mentioned earlier) inject your being with shame. And that shame, over time, builds and manifests itself in the mind and body.

A disapproving remark from your parent or guardian will make you believe you are flawed or not good enough. This belief eventually turns into extreme self-hate, feelings of inadequacy in professional and interpersonal relationships, and depression. You’ll experience anxiety, tension, alertness, and fear in new settings, work environments, or relationships.

The overwhelm of emotions could cause you to withdrawal from life which would increase your feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence, helplessness, and shame.

Wipe the Mud From Your Soul

You came into this world whole and pure. Events and outer influences dumped mud on your soul.

So realize you are not broken or defective. You never were.

You just have some mud that has to be gathered and tossed from your heart.

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Bryce Godfrey
a Few Words

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