Agave Development Updates #5/ 1–8 May, 2021

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2 min readMay 8, 2021


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Here the latest news related to Agave:

General Updates

  • As we approach the 1000 followers on our constantly growing Telegram channel, we want to thank once more the community for the warm participation during the Dao Rush Week event.
  • On May 1st we opened a contest for new Agave-related Emojis. 25$ will be the reward for the picked emojis, and 50$ will go for the best 3.
  • NFT artists are still welcome to submit their rare / legendary NFT. The deadline, set on May 12th, has been pushed to May 19th.
  • We are still at work with AlphaWallet to create a friendly and more efficient concept page that would display “official” Agave NFTs in your wallet.
  • In correlation to the upcoming farms we plan on incentivizing an Agave LP pair. Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.
  • A tipping bot has been added to our Discord server.

Development Updates

  • An official confirmation of the success of the audit run by Chainsulting is expected on Monday, through their official Twitter account.
  • Agave LP Contract Drip: The Drip Contract has been developed and is ready for deployment. Next Tuesday, May 11th, the community will be asked to vote on the Drip Contract proposal we are about to prepare. For more information, please read this forum post.
  • Furthermore, another vote will be included in next week’s votes; this will revoke Green Hornet’s vested tokens and send them back to the Token Manager app. (read vote2 for more context)
  • The staking UI is coming together, and we are on schedule. Next Monday, May 10th, staking will be officially live. You will be able to access this function from the website
  • More details have been added to the frontend, giving a more thematic Agave-Green outlook.
  • We welcome in our team Sundeep, for assist work focused on the frontend.
  • We are still looking to fill a few positions in our team. If you are interested, get in touch through the #general channel in our Discord Server.
  1. Subgraph Developers
  2. Typescript-focused devs + (Optional) Redux + (Optional) Web3
  3. Web3 / Dapp focused devs primarily experienced in contract interactions

Useful Links:

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