New era of bidding with CharityStars and AidCoin

Most of you probably know that our founding company, CharityStars, is not only an online auction platform but also a live bidding solution provider for offline charitable events. On such events, the CharityStars platform displays organizer’s charitable auctions, enabling attendees to silently submit their bids through the tablets allocated on their tables. This bidding solution has been most recently used at Naomi Campbell’s Gala in Cannes and the famous City Gala in Los Angeles, where it was met with amazing enthusiasm and helped raise impressive sums of money for charity.

But what’s more, this direction of CharityStars activities provides a vital opportunity for AidCoin: at these gatherings, a wide range of attendees can make bids not only in fiat, but also in a number of cryptocurrencies, including AID. Moreover, since the AIDChain platform and AIDPay are already live, now most auctions’ proceeds get distributed to charities in AID, favouring AidCoin and AIDChain adoption and increasing the transparency level of such charitable initiatives. And perhaps even more importantly, it lets bidders further track their money flow through AIDChain with the link we send them by email, which has never been possible in any other bidding solutions.

We prepared the video above to show you how CharityStars and AidCoin join forces to make bidding as engaging and transparent as ever, check it out!

Antonio Banderas attending Starlight Gala event in Marbella, in collaboration with CharityStars

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