Jun 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Smart ideas always find their way into the digital world. Well, the Transactional bulk SMS is the perfect spell created to solve all the notification bells. A transactional SMS is a key for the alertness, notification, and promptness of any transaction happening in a user’s account.

Here is a quick glance at the utmost importance of a transactional bulk SMS.

1. Benefits and Applicability:
SMS swiftly reaches the consumers mobile and pings them with any transaction happening in their accounts. It prompts a notification of any transaction done, an alert SMS for any breach, any credits or debits done on the user account or links for user experiences are shared through a transactional SMS.

Immediate messages like “Your Account has been credited with XXXXXXX” or “An amount of XXXX has been debited with your Account XXXXXXXXX at WELLNESS Centre, “Thank You for using your SBI Debit Card XXXXXXX for a purchase worth XXXX on POS XXXXX at WESTSIDE LIMITED”.

2. Quick as a Wink:
These SMS are generated and delivered immediately for any activity happening in a registered users account. They are very speedily sent to the user even if you are registering as a new user. They are prompt and ease up the process to send bulk SMS to all users.

Like OLA and UBER cab services always make sure to immediately reach out to their users promptly at the time of booking a ride and reaching the destination. Example: “Your ride to CIVIL LINES is scheduled at 5 PM”. The fast service of a SMS is the need of the hour for the fast pacing generation.

3. A two-way service:
Many businesses have experienced the need to communicate with their user by a two way SMS communication. They make it possible by using options for any notification like “YES” or “NO”, “CONFIRM”, etc. for activation of any service, cancellation of any order or sending in any query.

4. 24X7 Alertness:
These SMS are consistently on the go. They are never down as they are system generated and can be sent at any time and in any part of India according to TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. This modification was done by TRAI in 2014 to send a two message service through transactional SMS platform which makes the functioning of business easy, consumer caring and more user-friendly.

5. Open doors for DND roadblocks:
If a user has opted for DND (do not disturb) service the promotional message, may fail to reach the user but the transaction SMS always find their way to the user’s inbox with an ease.

6. Personalized Templates:
The messages for shared transactions to all the users are based on templates. If a business wants to send any transactional message then using a template or creating their own customized message is very much possible. The company needs to get the template approved by the provider and they are good to go smoothly with sending bulk SMS. Therefore, the companies can convey their information, needs or alert messages to the target consumers.

7. Pricing:
The transactional SMS price in India is very affordable and for the commercial business owners the cost is effective as sending a usual text message to every user is a bit more expensive than sending the transactional bulk SMS.

8. Just a click away:
The service of these transactional messages is system generated for all transactions. The transactional messages are just a click away for any business and they can reach out to their consumers at any point and in any part of the world.


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