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Part 2 of step-by-step guide for beginners on how to create Bottom Navigation using Android Jetpack Navigation

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This is the second part in a series of the articles about the beginner’s guide to using Bottom Navigation View with Android Jetpack Navigation Components. Originally published at

In previous part, we learned some basic concepts about Jetpack Navigation. We then learned on how to integrate navigation components in…

Modifying a RecyclerView and it items to imitate the behavior of a tablayout or ViewPager indicators

OK i know what some developers will say “why use a RecyclerViews’s items as a ViewPager’s page indicator instead of using a TabLayout.

Sometimes as an Android developer you can be faced with a situation where you are required to give out as much information in a ViewPager’s page indicator…

👀 A fresh look on the splash screen in Android in Kotlin and Coroutines

Splash screens of some popular apps on Android

Splash screen is a very popular methodology in Android app development. Almost all major apps contain some sort of splash screen for many different reasons from brand awareness to loading heavy resources before app start. Some apps even add splash screens just because everyone else is adding it to follow…

factory design pattern

The factory method is a creational design pattern, i.e., related to object creation. In the Factory pattern, we create an object without exposing the creation logic to the client and the client uses the same common interface to create a new type of object.

Factory pattern introduces…

Abstract Factory is a creational design pattern, which solves the problem of creating entire product families without specifying their concrete classes.

Abstract Factory defines an interface for creating all distinct products but leaves the actual product creation to concrete factory classes. Each factory type corresponds to a certain product variety.


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