Using the new and improved AnimatedVectorDrawable to pause and seek your animations.


They’ve iterated on these since then, but AnimatedVectorDrawable was still missing something. You couldn’t manipulate and control the animation. There was no pause or seek functionality.


The interviewer in interviews asked these questions with top-tier Internet companies. Familiarity with the knowledge points listed in this article will greatly increase the chance of passing the first two rounds of technical interviews.

Mainly divided into the following parts:

(1) Java interview questions

(2) Android interview questions

(3) Advanced…

ActivityResultContracts by Examples

Since Android came into existence in 2007, Activity has been one of its core components. One of the most common tasks in apps is transferring data between two Activities. Until now, Intents and onActivityResult were the only choice.

Through the combination of these two parts, developers are able to transfer…


Your code for working with media files is no longer the boilerplate type

Image from pexels

As an Android Developer, when it comes to accessing media files present on Android devices, it could quickly become troublesome if you don’t have that much experience with the android architecture for handling files, especially When things got complicated with the coming of android 10 and the forced adoption of…

I decided to test out Jetpack Compose by making a simple Twitter UI clone after I came across this tweet by Mariano Zorrilla:

He used Flutter (which is an amazing tool btw for building cross platform apps) — with just one day of work, 1500 lines of code. …

Why we have to choose between safety and tidiness?

Quick note before I begin. GitFlow, was first published by Vincent Driessen in 2010. He suggests a simpler workflow — GitHub Flow — for the teams that do not have to support multiple versions at the same time. …

This is the first article in this series “What’s inside my app”, this series will focus on reverse-engineering and strip android apps down to their original base code -or at least try to get the original one. …

Firestore is much better than the Realtime Database like the black trainer. Period.

When it comes to cloud and database hosting, there are several options available for the developers such as Firebase, Firestore, AWS, Google Cloud and so on. If you are curious about Firebase vs AWS comparison, you can read this Firebase vs AWS article here.

In this article, you’ll come across…

Checkout my latest app: Tinido.

GitHub has just announced a happy news today for us, developers.
Teams on GitHub can create unlimited private repositories for free.”

So, here are their newest updates on the free package.

Screenshot was taken on April 15th, 2020. Source (

These changes are so competitive to other code hosting services like Bitbucket or GitLab…

How the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission has been abused over the years by malware creators?

Chat Bubbles aka Chat Heads is a user interface element initially introduced by Facebook Messenger back in December 2012. This feature allowed Android and iOS users to chat with multiple persons while using other apps at the same time. …


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