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Make sure every user of your app is on the new version.

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In this article, we will learn about the In-app update feature in Android what is all about In-app update, what are the benefits of using the In-app update in your android application. …

In this article, we will learn how to create a shadow on ImageView in Android. This article is the part of the Today I Learnt category.

Here is the video tutorial

So let’s started.

Let me tell you about its usage. Basically it is mostly used in e-commerce Applications.

Now, let’s understand the structure…

Android OS will kill your app in background to reclaim the resources and memory. Learn how to handle it as a developer.

It all started from a crash reported in Firebase Crashlytics console. Its been happening over and over again and giving very different logs on each occurrence. As an android developer on that project, I had to think very carefully on what might be the cause of this crash.

But before…

Disable the Fade animation when scrolls up


This article belongs to what I have learned today, I have Implemented the collapingToolbarLayout In my application, In which I have a custom layout, with the follow button, The issue which I was faced is that when the user’s scroll’s up then the follow button fade’s out and it’s shows…

Make your Indicator with your choice.

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This article belongs to what I have learned today, so basically I need to Implement a custom TabLayout Indicator, with rounded corners and with some extra spacing like the below example.

Reduce the number of methods from your activity/fragment


This article belongs to what I have Learned today, & Yes you heard it right you can define your resource layout Id in the constructor of your activity/ fragment with AndroidX.

I’ll explain to you later how you can achieve this with AndroidX, first see how we defined the resource…

It is an undeniable fact that mobile users’ first preference is application. The application plays a vital role in easing the task of users. Before applications were not invented, it was a hassle task for the user to get the goods and services.

For example, there are famous applications such…

Looking deep into how an android app can help in growth and survival of early-stage startups.

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Few weeks ago, I was invited to give a talk to their students on Technical Entrepreneurship at PAF-KIET University, North Nazimabad Karachi campus by Talha Farooqui. Usually my talks are about either Android development or open source. But this one was different. Organizers asked me to talk something about entrepreneurship…

In this article, we will learn how to share your required data using android intent. This article is part of the “Today I Learnt” category.

How intent opens share intent?

The intent is a class that helps to perform different actions like open ACTION_VIEW, ACTION_WEB_SEARCH, ACTION_SEARCH, etc. …

Scroll your recycler view within a Nested scroll view easily

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This Story belongs to what I have learned today. …


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