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I’ve working as an Android developer from 5 years now. And I used so many architecture and design patterns in a bunch of different production apps. MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER, MVI, CLEAN. They all start under the premise of making your life such easy that you're never gonna cry on the shower again … but it always ended the same way, a monolithic application where changing one thing could meade the whole app stop working. Made that bug fix a weeks long work. But one day I discovered something that changed my life. Flux.

What’s Flux (and Redux) about?

I’m not going into a detailed…


MVI is a great pattern to use with RxJava. It allows you to get great event based reactive architecture which makes your code cleaner, more readable and easily scalable. Check out my repo to get an idea of reactive architecture I will describe in this article

Lucky hard workers

Fortunately, Google didn’t provide Android developers with patterns and general recommendations how to create good quality project till very recent moment. This situation forced us to find and create different tools for writing good quality code. Some of this tools are MVI and RxJava.

However, Google did something. Android applications are built in MVC


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