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Android Custom Camera is based on Android’s Camera 2 API

Hello there! This is my very 1st story here on medium. I am addressing the Camera 2 API today. I did a lot of digging on this before I came up with my own wrapper around camera 2 functionality to increase readability of the camera 2 code base and make…

A “reactive” way to explain some key points and concepts regarding ReactiveX

This article is not meant to explain how ReactiveX works, there are already plenty of them out there (some link at the end for those who might be interested), but rather it wants to be a reference for some basic concepts and terminologies that might be more or less familiar…

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Part 1 of this series introduces Reactive architecture with MVI pattern to make your project able to use whole power of RxJava instead of wrapping network requests into it.


In this part I introduce MVVM provided by Google in the way which allows us to keep all advantages ofReactive architecture


MVI is a great pattern to use with RxJava. It allows you to get great event based reactive architecture which makes your code cleaner, more readable and easily scalable. Check out my repo to get an idea of reactive architecture I will describe in this article

Lucky hard workers

Fortunately, Google didn’t provide…


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