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 40 Tips on How to Live To the Fullest

A note to you, this list it's kind personal to me is not numbers of advice.

How to live to the fullest it might involve a lot of things, but life involves a lot things too, someone says is actual what we make everyday.

A note to you, this list it's kind personal to me is not numbers of advice. It…

Designing better habit loops

 So you want to build a habit? Here’s what you need.

Seven months ago I started an experiment to test and develop a new habit every month for a year.

Since then I’ve learned quite a bit about which habits stick and which do not. What’s the difference between those habits that I struggle to act on every day for…

The Habit Of Getting Things Done

Your Tool Is Not THE GTD (System)

Man has been working his toil since time immemorial. Cessation of work is not likely to happen in the next century or so. What does this tell us?

You’re right. Work will not go away. You might opt to retire from your current job, but guess what, work does not end with your…

A Good Trick to Form Habits

Using Google Chrome’s “On Startup” Settings

The best way to form a habit is to do it every day. That’s why Seinfeld’s Don’t break the

Gravity of the mind.

Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off.

I spent this weekend at one of world’s finest Universities, Yale, for a hackathon. It was really…


Not too long ago, I decided to start a habit.

I decided to find something that made me feel uncomfortable or scared and then embrace it. Jump into the fear. I wanted to find out why the fear was there and how I could get rid of it.

You could say a man who fell from the sky was the reason for all of this…

Looking for actionable solutions? Just set a goal that makes you feel nauseous. 

If the title sounds like a contradiction, you read it right.

Predicting The Future

Imagination is useful for telling stories, but useless for determining outcomes. All of the imaginary scenarios and conversations that we play out in our mind, whether positive or negative, are delusions. We can't possibly imagine the way things are going to turn out, including how another person is going to react.

The Roar

Can we survive without quiet time?

I remember afternoons as a kid in the 1960's, when the entire universe of my awareness was the sun and wind on my face and the dreams in my head.

I've watched my sons as they've grown. The first, 13 years older than his brother, caught the initial wave of the transition. As a child in the Eighties, he grew…

Awake at the Big Bend

It was about 3 AM when I woke up, unzipped the tent and looked up, forever changing my relationship with the cosmos…

Brotherhood of the Sparrow

  1. Now.

When he squinted real hard, and stared way off toward the horizon, it almost looked like he was home. Not that he was, or had ever been. The closest he’d known to a home for years were these stinking Doc Marten steel-toes that needed a fresh wrap of duct tape, and the bedroll now strapped across his shoulder.

Sit back and take it all in

Seeing the little things in life

What we don’t see

It’s funny how much of life goes by us and we never see it. We…

Rhythms, Lift, and The 5 Types of Capital

How I am using daily rhythms and Lift to help make the most of 2014

The Story’s Beginning

Make your habits gold

(They’re not so bad)

Around this time of year there is an outpour of zealous vows as men and women everywhere hastily kick their nasty habits out…

12 Uncommon Truths About Food, Your Body, and You

You’d think eating would be simple; right?

There is so much mud-slinging in the foodie-sphere at the moment…

Why Resolutions Don’t Work

Tomorrow vs. Today

New Year’s resolutions usually don’t work. How many times have you, or someone you know, actually finished a year and successfully kept up with your(or their)resolution? I’m guessing there’s not many people who keep up with it. There’s a couple of problems with resolutions.

The Hero Trap

the career limitiations of saving the day

I can admit it. I get a pay-off when I play the hero and save the day at work. The gratitude of others, the…

Forays into Entrepreneurship

Advice for those contemplating taking the plunge (or, perhaps, dipping a toe).

In the Shower

Thoughts in the shower

In the shower solitude is my companion. Here I savor the beauty in the mundane, and unplug my mind from all distraction: the computer, the cell phone, the intrusive vehicles of communication.

I let the sweet water bring its protean personality to my senses as my body acclimates to the ambient heat. I track the…

How to Read

How, why, and what to read.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re most likely interested in gathering knowledge, productivity hacks, and inspirational…

Architect Your Life
Architect Your Life

Design your habits. Architect your life.

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