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Asana2Go, the multi-purpose tool to flexibly copy, export and print from Asana (no affiliation), now creates and delivers rich slide presentations from your Asana tasks. Turn your Asana tasks into an attractive, interactive slideshow (or a nice PDF of your slides). There’s even an integrated speaker notes facility.

Who needs Keynote and Powerpoint when you have Asana and Asana2Go?

Watch the slideshow with narration below for the best overview. But, in short, you can now jot down a few regular tasks in Asana, tag them with one of several slide types available, and use the Asana2Go Slide Presentation format to turn them into a slide show. You get automatic, interesting page transitions and in-page reveals (automatic or custom). You can optionally add Markdown and/or HTML, customize with CSS or in other ways, and include code examples in your slides with full syntax highlighting. Asana2Go provides the full, in-browser presentation framework to transition between slides including an available presentation pointer, slide overview mode navigation tool, and everything else you need.

Being able to present Asana tasks as slides has been quite a game-changer. Recently I had a spare eight minutes before a client call and created an effective slideshow of a half-dozen slides that added great clarity vs. not having slides and trying to step through the points in Asana itself, or spending time in Keynote or Powerpoint creating a deck.

Even if just for internal use to convey ideas or plans at meetings, being able to present content you have in Asana as slides opens up a number of effective and fun possibilities.

Watch Slideshow with Narration: Made with Asana2Go Slides (of course)

First, you’ll see a quick survey of Asana2Go’s many different types of outputs. Then the bulk of the video is full coverage of the Asana2Go slide features, how-tos, and an introduction to customizing. The presentation you see is simply a bunch of basic Asana tasks presented with Asana2Go’s Slide Presentation format.

Asana2Go: Slide Presentations with Asana2Go Demo Video

For more detailed how-to instructions, see the Making Slide Presentations Help topic within Asana2Go.

Asana2Go — Copy, Export and Print Flexibly From Asana

Asana2Go is a tool for both novices and experts to flexibly copy, export and print from Asana. If you’re unfamiliar, it only takes a moment to try it out. Or just have a look at this overview demo:

Asana2Go: What it Does and How to Use it Demo Video

Select from a Library of Standard Reports or Make Your Own

Slide Presentation is just one kind of output that Asana2Go can produce. Novices can select from close to 20 different outputs including lists, CSVs, Interactive Tables, Eisenhower Matrixes, projects dashboards/roll-ups and Mind Map import/export features. Experts can create their own custom output using the included authoring tool with data and language helpers and documentation.

For Asana consulting, integrations and custom development including custom Asana2Go reports, contact the author and get more info at Trilogi Solutions.



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