Bookshelf js Simple Pagination

Similar to Laravels Eloquent feature.

UPDATE: I’ve made this plugin a package.

npm install --save bookshelf-simplepaginate

Serverless custom authorizer issues on AWS.

If you google around you’ll find plenty of examples on how-to create a custom authorizer for serverless lambda events.

I used this example when I was building mine:

// Return an IAM policy document for…

Laravel Validaton: All Your Base Are Belong To Us

We all use Laravels Validation feature to ensure we have the required input and it matches some sort of rule. The available rules cover plenty of situations but they fail to cover one of the most important rules, input Sanitization.

Cascading SoftDeletes with Laravel 5

Laravels Soft Deleting allows you to retain deleted records in your database so they can be used or restored at a later point. Restoring deleted records is great if a mistake is made and you need to revert and retaining deleted data can often be useful in the event…
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