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A Soul for Europe connects and mobilizes citizens and democratic institutions across Europe, fostering a sense of responsibility for the future of Europe and democracy through culture. www.asoulforeurope.eu
Note from the editor

On 12–13 April 2019 the A Soul for Europe Conference will take place in Berlin. With the title »Towards A European Citizens’ Convention«, the conference aims at addressing current European challenges by discussing viewpoints from the political as well as the cultural sphere. However, within the context of the current developments, we felt the urge to do more. The »A Soul for Europe Online Debate« gives you the chance to critically discuss the topic in advance of the actual conference. It brings together voices of various actors from politics, civil society and culture. For all those who cannot attend the main conference event in April but want their voice to be heard, for those who would like to prepare their attendance by reading what others think and for those who — like us — believe that the topic deserves much more attention than two session days can achieve.

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Felix Francke
political scientist in search for reasonable net neutrality
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Je fais du théâtre. Et du tango. / I do theatre. And tango.